Second Life Dolcett: a Record of Virtual World Sex Torture Role-Playing

By Xah Lee. Date:

This is screenshots of a Second Life scene, role-playing the Dolcet theme. That is, a girl is executed by sexual eletrocution. It took place in a sim nicknamed “Town of Stepford”. The name came from the novel and film The Stepford Wives. The name “Dolcett” came from the pen-name of a series of line drawings on the internet that depicts sexual fetish of cooking and eating girls and sexual execution. (See: Vorarephilia)

The following contain computer generated images of sexual nature. May be offensive.

sl dolcett 002
sl dolcett 003
sl dolcett 010
sl dolcett 009
sl dolcett 011
sl dolcett 012
sl dolcett 013

The whole scene is fully role-played, including court room, court procedures, judge, sentencing, then the final execution. The screenshots here is just the last scene. The role-play took about 2 hours or more (i don't remember exactly but probably have it logged somewhere. Will dig up later.) In the screenshots, all the avatars in the room are role-players, but most are simply observers. (the purple cat (white shirt) in the witness room is me.) These screenshots are captured in ~2009.

You'll find more such screenshots at: Dolcett,Vore,Snuff By Liqueur Felix. At flickr

The Alpha Ville Herald blog has also reported on this a few times.

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Sex in Second Life