Facebook Girls: Dating Ads Collection

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Facebook girls

Gah, am quite annoyed by the bunch of pretty girls staring at me on the side of Facebook. What the fuck. Am not interested in spending time and energy to go thru these spammy sites and deal with women with the possibility of reward of touching set years down. I noticed there's a little ❌ that lets me close it. Tried it, then fuck Facebook asks my reason by multiple choice for not liking the ad, which kicked my mind into deliberation.

O, do i really want these pretty girls decorating my Facebook gone? what if i'm axing a big OPPORTUNITY? The op to get into their pants as well the op to observe humanity of ad distribution and demograph.

(after all, i'm getting into online ad biz. Need to be observant. (as a example, one thing i learned after some dithering, is that i wondered why these ads always just girls looking for men. I figured, if you are a women, your Facebook probably show all these powerful men waiting for you. So, the ad selection algorithm must've filched info from your profile))

Facebook girl Facebook girl Facebook girl

And, what reason should i give? fucking Facebook takes every chance to squeeze info. Should i be generous in freely providing them the reason? But, on the other hand, i support capitalism to the hilt. By turning off ads, will i be said of deeds not matching words?

Gah. I admit i have psychological problems. Some loving female please press bosom onto my face and fix me. Have some Platonic heart!

The Wiles of Facebook Dating Ads

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The photos vary from blossoms of tits to beaming face of beauty queens to girl-next-door to disgusting juxtapositioned old men + young girl.

Reminds me, i need to update my collection.

One guy in Second Life, from UK, read my essay above, and apparently is totaly freaked out. (of me, not the girly ads)

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Pretty Face Collection

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Tits and Ass Collection

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Important Offensive Oldmen Collection

Facebook girl fat man 857 Facebook girl old man 333 Facebook girl old man 443 Facebook girl old man 526

Do you look like one of these disgusting men? If so, you have a chance!

For much more collection of Facebook girl ads, see: Facebook Ads(2011) By Brian Nakamoto. At flickr