PostModern, American, and Feminism

By Xah Lee. Date:

I just read up on Warren Farrell in Wikipedia.


Thanks for the dicussion from which we learn things. I have thought about a term “masculism” as a mockery of the feminism juggernaut of today, but wasn't aware that it in fact already exists as a social movement amongst academia.

Oh Warren Farrell, thank you so much brother for thy masculism, saving me from the scum and scourge of a entire army of technologically equipped Occidental ax-grinding bitches.

With our technological progress, i'm certain within a decade we could device biology or nanotech based agents that can mass destruct the opposite sex as i'm sure male and female have telling bio-chemistry flowing in our veins. Some kind of sex-specific plague that's death upon touch. May it be in a spore form, or viral form or some nano-bio-machinery, spreading by aerial or acquacious means. By then, our war of the sexes should reach a climax.

I wonder whether it is proper now to erect laws to forbid dating between the sexes, period. Today we already have many sexual laws preventing abuses. But apparently they are not enough. Men for example, still perform harassment in the form of cat calls, rape of will, power seduction, or buying drinks at bars. Women, still harass men with their skirts, nail paints, high heels, makeups and hairs. These are causing tremendous unrest in our society.

With more laws, women can be allotted to stay on one side of the fence, and men the other. Our techno-prosperity can install sexual apartheid and separatism that can totally eliminate the problem of scuffles and infighting caused by the intercourse of men and women.

Flirtation can be outlawed effectively too with ubiquity of video cameras as we already have today. Vigils can be setup to reward reports of any incidence of winking or gazing. Copulations between opposite sexes should require permits, and be registered for every occurrence as to prevent confluence or collusion between the sex of opposing sides.

The issues of sex is a noble issue. And now by God that feminism has begotten masculism as a rite of passage, i wonder if it is proper for all other issues to have a representative epithet to aid their cause? Kids should have kiddism. After all, the number of kids with abusive parents is staggering. Can we not say kids live in a parentarchy as women in patriarchy? What is the freedom kids have, except taking commands at the mercy of their parents in a unconditional fashion? Old people, are victims of our heartless modern society. So, it seems to me old people should found octogenarianism or dotageism, perhaps with the help of bleedinghearts. Like Women's Studies offered by universities, schooling institutions should erect “old-people's studies” curricula to be in sync with fashion. At this very moment, we can see the fight for homosexual nuptial legality in San Francisco and USA. So, homosexuals should have homosexualism, with specialized focuses of dikism and faggotism.

As a matter of moral progress, kiddism should soon beget adultism, octogenarianism begets teenism, and homosexualism will probably beget heterosexualism, and supreme equality should rain on earth.

Personally, i don't even think any conspicuous “feminism” movement is good towards the traditional goals of so called “woman's rights”. Education, simply. You women are 50% of the human animals. If human animal is this or that, you shared half of the responsibility from the very beginning. Why did you let men cum all over your face? Women are suppressed in past simply because biology: the weaker sex. Now with technology advancements, physicality matters less and less and social structure has evolved accordingly, and as a consequence female status rises from below. (today, you can observe that technology and women's power paralleles in sync around world's regions.) Women's rising status really has little to do with “feminists” and their activities per se. (if technology were at 500 hundred years ago, no feminism movement can result any fart.) The rise of women's status in our tech advanced social structure came from the collective behaviors of all females. It is the collective behavior of all females, females who may never have heard or cared about feminism, that matters.

By the way, Lisa, as i have since learned from your reference, there is no such thing as a “bra-burning” feminist. Even though i don't have breasts, i'm pretty sure bras are a good invention for women. Continued use of “Bra-burning feminists” just makes feminism look more bimboism.

And, stop the obsession of titling books with “Cunt” or movements with Pink this or Vagina that. It just makes educated man laugh. Do like Ellen Spertus has done here: shutting up about any feminism shit but organize education and fairs for women.

The pussy sex is really giving me a headache. The 1% wants men dead, while the other 99% keep showing us tits and legs but nothing else.

Feminism (esp in USA as i know), is a derailed train.

Nothing can be rushed. Much of feminism has become a juggernaut of angry women without much knowledge and demand this or that and not even knowing what they want. And look at their publications “Cunt” this or “Vagina” that, it is bimbos gone berserk.

The equality for women does not depend on feminism movements. It depends on the collective behavior of all females. (and it depends on technology and the consequential social structure) So, if feminists want to hurry things, hurry in education. Not angrily erecting laws or cry out female body parts or paint themselves as victims this or that.

Raising awareness for equality of sexes is good, and i don't oppose it. But again in the context and priority of humanity's worries and problems, i do not conspicuously encourage it either. Especially considering the earth's most influential and powerful group of animals the USA, which is schizophrenic about issues of equality of themselves, and have erected questionable or harmful things as affirmative action and sexual-harassment laws. If those affluent and well-to-do American feminists want to make a difference, teach their sisters how to be responsible and thinking people in society, or fly to Middle East and try to brainwash their culture to your likings. Stop showing men technologically augmented breasts and cry “date rape” in the USA.