For the Good of Mankind, Women Need to be Saved First

By Xah Lee. Date:

recently, i've been obsessed with the idea that, girls, young girls, actually more technically correct: nubile girls, are the center of humanity. The entire humanity. Because, biologically, they are the nucleus of human propagation.

we see them everywhere. First of all, in porn of course. For example: selling on rubrics such as legal teens. They are important in porn because men like teens. And men like young nubile girls, because, now we get into biology: Because among all women of all sizes and color and creeds, 'tis healthy young girls, that max men's chances of propagation. (and, btw, for women it's a man's wealth and power that max THEIR chance of self reproduction.)

redhead twin

but porn is not the only place we see it. We see, young/beautiful women, in all media, sticking in your eyes and ears, on TV, on the internet, on Billboards. Take a look around you. Movie posters, DVD covers, song album artwork, advertisements, online, on billboards. If they ever feature a human figure, chances are (perhaps 80%), it's female, and young/beautiful one. (i'm attaching beauty here to young because they have heavy affinity)

Not just today, but thru-out human history sans borders.

it's of course, in arts. We can almost say, ALL of the ARTS, is about beautiful women, most of which naked or half naked.

let's put another perspective. Girls are critical because, men is no matter. This is the same in most other animals. One man, can seed a population of women and be quite procreative. But, if, there is only one woman, extinction will be on the brink for the kingdom of human animals. 'tis why, arose the well-known mores among us: “protect women and children”. Especially when push comes to shove, as in war, in natural disaster -- for the good of mankind, women need to be saved first.