Kabukicho 歌舞伎町, Tokyo, Japan, Red-light District Photos

By Xah Lee. Date:

Some photos i took while in Japan, . The place is Kabukicho, Tokyo (歌舞伎町), a red-light district (sex entertainment).

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Kabukicho, Tokyo,

I actually bought a ticket to some strip show. The show was quite silly, and the girls (Japanese girls) are rather ugly.

I think the show lasted a hour, but i don't remember. Each girl, go on stage, and dance a song, lasting maybe close to 10 minutes. There were i think 5 girls. It is not like American strip clubs, where the girls are stark-naked and spread their legs. The show, in terms of explicitness, is rather like burlesque.

I don't know Japanese, and i don't have a friend or guide. I went there to see what it's like (and, of course, possibly get some). When walking on the street there, there are women solicitors who accost you for business. For example, that woman in white rain-coat. One even spoke Chinese to me.