Camille Paglia on Megyn Kelly

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Camille Paglia has always opened my eyes. Here's her take on the now famous Megyn Kelly's question to Trump.

Q: What do you think of Megyn Kelly and her decision to leave Fox News?

I long ago stopped watching TV news and chat shows because of the tedium of their hackneyed polarized politics and smarmy personnel. Hence the first time I ever laid eyes on Megyn Kelly was when she was narcissistically snorting and snickering on air in the ten-minute prelude to the first GOP presidential debate in August 2015. The nation's selection of presidential candidates should be treated as serious business -- not as a platform for adolescent exhibitionism by the TV hosts. Hence when the very first question to Donald Trump, as posed by Kelly, was “You've called women you don't like ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals’,” I thought it was grounds for Kelly's instant termination from her job. The tenor of the entire national campaign, from that moment forward, was lowered by Kelly's sloppy ad hominem crudity. Ironically, it was because of her unprofessional behavior at that first debate that I discovered the unsparing podcast commentary of Diamond and Silk, two pro-Trump African-American sisters in North Carolina who satirically lambasted Kelly the next day for her rudeness.

That one video by Diamond and Silk woke me up hard about Trump, whom I had already dismissed as a “carnival barker” in my Salon column. I suddenly saw Trump's populist appeal -- and from that moment forward, month after month, I felt the slow movement in the country toward him. As for Megyn Kelly, I have no idea what her appeal is. She seems shallow and self-absorbed — one of those glib types (not unlike Rachel Maddow) who has somehow been led to think she's much smarter than she really is. As a college teacher with red pen in hand, I'm not impressed.

[from Prominent Democratic Feminist Camille Paglia Says Hillary Clinton Exploits Feminism ]

here's the video that made Megyn Kelly famous, in 2016.

Is Donald Trump part of the “war on women”? | Fox News Republican Debate

Trump is funny there, and insulting.

After that, i've watched quite a few of Megyn's videos, i thought she's a smart woman. But Paglia shot it thru. Megyn, is actually typical of news anchors. Quick wit and mouth, but no original thinking whatsoever.

Camille Paglia