Nixie Pixel Video Blog Naked?

By Xah Lee. Date:
“I'd Rather Vlog Naked” by Nixie Pixel

[Nixie Pixel] is a video blogger on tech, mostly linux and gaming. She's one of the few (cute) female in that domain. She also appeared in my other blog The Essence of Charming Girls.

I'm posting this because i support Nixie, and i think the guys she talked about in her video are really stupid, but am not here to stir-up the support for “feminism” or support the typical and common and crass “anti-harassment” or “lgbt” movement you see in mouthing-social-networks everyday.

As you can see in her many videos, she's very attractive, feminine, smart, and doesn't have reservation in using her attractiveness to sell herself (in her blogs about gaming or using linux). I love such women. Emphatically, she is not few of those women in programing industry who talk about gender issues and “rights” all the time.

Intelligent feminine women is a endangered species in America.

In the complex interactions of human animal society, unfortunately you'll meet obstacles, often unjust against you, especially if you are outstanding, atypical, or successful. It is this, that i see here.

Being Asian, people will make crass judgement on my English writing skillz. Should i accuse them of stereotyping? No. Stereotyping is fundamental in how society functions. Without it, the world would stop. It's a matter of fact that Asians are very poor in English in comparison to white people. If i apply for a writing job, and my chances got slimmed due to my Asian name, i don't blame stereotyping. I just consider it a fact of life that's unfavorable to me.

Unavoidable in situations a crass judgement is applied to you. But don't raise your race card yet, just as you dumb ass White Americans don't know anything about Asia. Get it?

In Nixie's video, she made a complaint of her situation. Yet, notice, she did not, like many online slackativists, seize the opportunity and start mouthing about gender-inequality and date rape shit.