Freedom Goddesses

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Liberty Leading the People
A renowned painting “Liberty Leading the People” (1830) by the French romantic painter Eugene Delacroix (1798 to 1863). 1241×1022

This is of course a figurative painting. No war zone comes with a lady with her breasts exposed and intact. This breast baring lady represents liberty in this painting. One has to wonder why liberty is represented by a (half-naked) female and almost always so. Why not, say, a man with his penis hanging? The answer of course has to do with human animal's culture, which in turn has to do with biology. It is often the male human animal who do the paintings, and they in general are attracted by the opposite sex. And then, ladies due to physicality tend to be non-aggressive and docile, while men are the ones who do predatory work. Largely for these reasons, liberty is represented as a female, sometimes with ripe breasts and outlandishly displayed. Likewise, figures of Justice, Love, Beauty are all ladies, beautiful and young ones.

This particular French freedom babe has name. Her name is [ Marianne ] [ ].

mother motherland is calling
[ The Motherland Calls ] [ ], a gargantuan sculpture of a beautiful lady adorned with a sword and showing her breast, built in 1967, at [ Stalingrad ] [ ], 52 meters tall (from feet to head). (roughly 13 stories high)