Wrecking Ball: Miley Cyrus vs Sinead Oconnor

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Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-teary eyes
Miley Cyrus, teary eyes.
Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-1
Miley Cyrus 〈Wrecking Ball〉

why do women show off their tits and ass? because, that attracts men. Why didn't men show off their cock? because, women wouldn't give a hoot. You need to show off your wealth, like, wrecking a Porche a la James Bond.

Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-2 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-3 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-4 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-5 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-6 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-7 Miley Cyrus  Wrecking Ball-8
Miley Cyrus 〈Wrecking Ball〉
Miley Cyrus — 〈Wrecking Ball〉

Sinead O'Connor, have always been a defiant psycho nutcase. It's in her bones. Something cannot change. Miley Cyrus is lovely. She is, feminism. (of the good type)

if you are wondering… the news is that Sinead recently wrote a open letter to Cyrus giving her a lecture about not being a slut. Cyrus then gathered 2 years old ugly tweets of Sinead mental breakdown. (something one shouldn't really do). Then, Sinead wrote another open letter. This means war!

google to read news. probably not worth it.