YouTube = Porn Fodder? and Larry Sanger Reported me to FBI

YouTube = Porn Fodder?

By Xah Lee. Date:

Obscene videos is overtaking YouTube!

on youtube, now they have complete uncensored videos recording of cosmetic surgery on labia . That is, the trimming of vagina lips. And also actually showing the severed lips on a plate. Not just one video, i think quite a few (or perhaps even hundreds)

also, they have completely uncensored, in-your-face, video of autopsy of a girl. Like this: a naked, dead, attractive girl on a medical operation table. They slice the body open like opening a zipper bag, cutting the rib cage, proceeds to take out lungs, heart, and saw off skull to take out brain, all done in a proficient manner faster than a butcher can do pigs. Completely uncensored. Not recorded in a way as to be pleasing to the masses. (they did cover vagina, though)

(these videos are done as a matter of fact, recording and explaining the procedure. For cosmetics, info purposes, and the autopsy one is some sort of tutorial i think. (and for the vagina cosmetics, i'm sure the broadcasting companies eagerly did it to cash on this lurid topic.))

I did not search for these videos. I was watching a comedy song (titled the Fuck Shit Stack), and the other videos showed up on the side.

i've seen quite a lot of shock stuff, probably more than even the geeks. I am quite familiar with the diversity of human animal behavior, especially behind closed doors. I know there are these days tons of open-view birth videos on youtube. But today's bumping into the above 2 videos rather surprised and shocked me.

i was thinking of commenting on some political or social or philosophical aspects, but am not sure what to say. How society have changed quite dramatically in the past decade. I think it's a change for the good.

In modern society, say, of past 200 years, vast majority of people have never seen baby coming out of vagina. The Internet changed this, and especially in the past 5 years, and especially for the younger generations.

20 years ago, such video would put you in jail. 10 years ago, Snuff film is still a big topic in the media, with fake commercial films in underground trying to ride the buck. And, then, there's Exploitation film (tasteless gore movies). Today, we have American Sanctioned pure torture porn genre such as the hugely popular Saw series, whose explicitness and realism beats those underground snuff films by far, and we have Gay and Transexual Rights hubbub all over media.

on the other hand, people in the porn industry are still being put to jail, for creating fake under-age porn movies [see Porn and Law in USA: Robert Black and Obscenity Charges], or for fake eating-shit video (Internet: 2 Girls 1 Cup), or otherwise cannot escape the ever-elusive “obscene” label in USA.

Report to FBI by Larry Sanger


After i wrote the above article, I made the following tweet and tagged Larry Sanger (Wikipedia co-founder):

youtube porn tweet Larry Sanger incident 2012-09-02 1
«wanna see cutting up a naked dead girl or cutting up vagina lips? Let Google's YouTube show u! … @lsanger be pissed»

got this response:

youtube porn tweet Larry Sanger incident 2012-09-02 2
«@xah_lee I've reported your tweet to my local police, the FBI, and Twitter. Do not contact me again for any reason.»

Very disturbing.

I tagged Larry because we locked horns on censorship issue. 3 months ago he wrote a blog article about porn stuff on Wikipedia, and i posted a comment, and he deleted my comment, and we exchanged a couple tweets afterwards. For a record of it from my perspective, see: Porn, Wikipedia, Larry Sanger Censorship.

Larry Sanger = Anti-Child-Porn Fanatic?

I was angry by Larry Sanger's action. I don't think he has a case against me at all, but he could definitely make trouble for me. It was completely unexpected. He insulted me by calling me a “pedophilia defender” before, utterly not respect different opinions, and stepped out of his line reporting me to {police, Twitter, FBI} (on what wrong doing exactly??).

What if Twitter bans my account, FBI confisticates my computer to investigate, Google closes all my accounts, and my web hosting company under pressure to kick me out, even if in the end all accounts are restored and i'm deemed innocent? The damage would have been already done.

I discovered now (with a friend's help), that Larry Sanger is one of those anti-child-porn fanatic. He reported to FBI that Wikipedia carries child porn. This incident was widely reported by the media. See:

On the 4chan/Anonymous/satire site at 〔 〕, it hosts more dirt of Larry's saga against child-porn. (note: the info there is not reliable and be careful when clicking around there, watch out for virus.)

I'm reminded of Fredric Wertham (1895 to 1981), who created a “The Great Comic-Book Scare” in the 1950s and 1960s, which i learned in Reading Notes on Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. Fredric Wertham's thesis is that comics books harm children. In that era, many comics artists who drew erotica or “obscene” material are harassed or sent to jail. One example is Omaha the Cat Dancer.

Lots other examples in past and even recent years. In the porn area, there's Larry Flynt case that went to US Supreme Court, and in recent years John Stagliano (Buttman) case, Max Hardcore case. See: Porn Freedom; What Is Obscenity?.

And in the past, great many books are ban'd because they are considered obscene, indecent. Here's a few i personally know and have sought out:

Dear readers, i don't know what's your view on this, and i don't know if any trouble will come to me. But i want the world to know about this. Exactly what happened. Thank you for reading.

discovered that Larry Sanger is a Wikileaks hater. He has a blog about it: [A comment on Wikileaks By Larry Sanger. At [ ] (local copy: Larry_Sanger_on_Wikileaks.txt)]

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