Pretty Girl, Elitism, Human Facial Expressions

By Xah Lee. Date:

i can't take off my eyes from her big eyes, can you?

RE: Asians in the Library (Alexandra Wallace) by stefwithonef 2011-03-15. At

for those of you girl watchers like me, for this one, to gain a new experience is to mute the sound.

you know? She sayz: “blab blab blab justice blab blab racism blab blab human rights.”. LOL. Elitism flows fluidly from a pretty mouth who never knew what pain and suffering means. Quite annoying and idiotic.

once you mute the sound, your focus become just her face, and that really gives you a other worldly experience. This is because, as a human animal, our brain has finite power in processing info. When you watch a vid, you hear the words, and half of your brain is busily interpreting and deciphering. Now, turn the sound off. Your perceptive power feeds on nothing but the visual. And when set upon another human animal, you get a entirely different experience. You notice all the minute facial expressions, body language. In some sense, you get to SEE the person in ways you wouldn't have before. ('tis like, how the blind can tell your meaning so, and the deaf know what you want in a glance.) And when you watch a cute chick talk with sound off, porn becomes of it!

when watching this before with sound on, her eyes grasped mine during the entire vid, and i am helpless. But with sound off, i noticed, her mouth became the focal point half of the time.

try it.

if you are a virile male, you probably have the same reaction as me.

if you are a girl, … i dunno. I suppose you see her makeup skills, and her bags, stuff, and prob bored after a minute. lol.

in psychology studies… there's this aspect that when your facial expression matches another person, you get to feel how the other person feels. This is wired in our body (bio-chemistry, neuroscience), not just Freud psycho mind shit.

('tis like, when you want to mock someone, you mimic their expressions, mannerism, body language. Not just for comical authenticity, but by mimicking every body language, you actually do better, because you feel how they feel, your action becomes innate. (this is a important technique in professional acting, btw.))

human face with its hundred muscles is a expression machine. And one of the top research in AI is human facial expression recognition. (on the other aspect, is creating realistic 3D animation such as those by Pixar. Creating 3D animation with realistic facial expression (even if caricatured as a cartoon fish (like Nemo)), actually is a major force in the study of facial expressions. The problem of creating realistic facial expression afaik is pretty much solved, mostly done in the past 2 decades. (but tell me if you know more))

but in any case, i digressed. what i wanted to say, is that i tried to go thru this video and mimic her facial expressions.

PS sometimes i feel sorry for being so mean to stranger chicks like the above, who is really innocent. But well here on the stage is me, with my ugliness, while countless other people (such as this chick) can go on stage with her prettiness and sell whatever it is that she sells. (like George Bush on podium selling War On Terror, or feminist idiots on the glittering American stage creating misery for all) Thanks for reading.

Note the tragedy of this shebang. The girl Alexandra Wallace, got death threats, apologized, and quit UCLA as a result. You can read more here: Racism Humor: Asians in UCLA.