Dolls Of Age

By Xah Lee. Date:
sex doll sex doll

As technology catapults us at a speed ghastly into unpredictability in matters of global exigency and humanity, so has its effects on little things like toys. Today, the Japanese lead us into realistic human-sized dolls. (See Japanese love-doll magazine: Source (site screenshot as of 2005-02: i-doloid.pdf))

There are hundreds of models to choose from. They are tall as human, weight as human, but do not need to be pampered as human. Soon, these inanimate species will probably move and moan like human.

sex doll
sex doll

The Asians, with their bottled-up sexuality, have developed into a-love-bizarre over the centuries, from China's foot-binding to Thailand's shemales to Japanese Bondage Art . The Japanese of 21st century have a untold infatuation with just-pubescent females.

One has to wonder about the raw power females exhibit over males. The mere display of their body have tremendous effect on men. Dolls are interesting artifacts of humanity. Dolls, almost always come as female. They are appreciated by females and males. Females want to be like them, and males want them. One must also notice, that dolls are predominantly a Occidental artifact. It is rather interesting that there is a apparent difference between the Western and Eastern cultures. On one hand, the Westerners are passionate and open when it comes to sex, from fornication to sodomy to rape to incest to bestiality and orgy way back from the tales of Greek's mythologies and Christian sect's scripture aka Bible. On the other hand, the Eastern mythologies and religions and moralities shun sex and do not on the whole glorify love or sexual passion, but you have untold deviations.

Note: the world's cultures as divided into Occidental and Oriental is no accident. This impression belies the fact that all the world's cultures can not be neatly pigeonholed into two headings. The apparent reason for West and East dichotomy is basically because these two are the most powerful and influential ethnicities, roughly speaking from a historical perspective. East by China and India, and West by Europeans. To enlist, there's also Middle East, African, Oceania, Native American, Antarctic … cultures, from continents down to local tribes.

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