What Would You Do If You Become a Man or Woman For a Day?

By Xah Lee. Date:

On https://plus.google.com/ social networking site, 西乔 made the following interesting question. (it's in Chinese. My translation follows each sentence.)

@西乔: «如果给你一天时间,让你变成对立的性别。(男人变成女人,女人变成男人)你会用来干啥。(你能不能来得及找到一个性伴侣)。。。»
«if you can become the opposite sex for a day (man → woman, woman → man), what would you do? (would you be able to catch a one-night stand?) …»

The following are some funny comments:

@David Zhang - 头一天我自慰,收集自己的精子,第二天我注入自己的阴道,我就自体繁殖了。
«First day i masturbate, collect my sperm. 2nd day i inject it into my vagina, thus i'd have multiplied.»

@Don zheng - 一天能做很多事情了。但我并不想变啊!
«lots things can be done in one day. But i don't want change!»

@来来来 - 尝试一下G点的临床体验...
«let's get some first hand experience of the G-spot…»

@韦观者 - +三少 我要去找一个干爹………………………………
«find a sugar daddy…»

@Yi Hou - 就鄙人的相貌而言,变成女人那只能是一个更大的杯具
«judging from my looks, becoming a woman'd be a tragedy»

@So Yee - 光是去买衣服,bra,小内内。。。都花了半天了。搞个发型,做下faceshow,又半天了。。。
«just shopping for clothing, bra, undies… would take half a day. Get hair done, makeup, another half day …»

@David Zhang - 我去试试黄瓜!茄子!火腿肠!玉米!
«let's see about those cucumbers, eggplants, sausage!»

@Aether Wu - 和老婆玩儿同性恋?...
«get gay with my wife? …»

Note: 西乔 is a female. All the selected comment here are male. (Google Plus at the time is some 90% male.)

The complete original post is at [https://plus.google.com/117226800945712146990/posts/HqmaNMWTqfD#117226800945712146990/posts/HqmaNMWTqfD], .