The Sex in Little Red Riding Hood

By Xah Lee. Date:

From this classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood (original), 1697, By Charles Perrault, we can see the human animal's love of under-aged females, and love them pretty and vulnerable. In general, vulnerability is a key element in cuteness, because it is the opposite of posing a threat. Within human animals, we tend to love little girls more than little boys. For males, the opposite sex is obviously more attractive, since males due to their biology can beget a baby per bang. The more girls men bang, the more they multiply. For females, they also find little girls equally if not more attractive than little boys. Because, females in general are not interested in random males sexually because they can beget only one baby per year, regardless the number of males they bang. (thus their biology shaped them to prefer quality than quantity) But also, in human animals it is the males who do predatory work, thus random male may actually be a source of harm.

Note, in 1700s, people die before they reach 40. Girls bearing children at age 13 is not uncommon.

Now let's see some selected modern illustration of the Little Red Riding Hood. (these are from first 2 pages of google image search as of 2005-09.)

red riding hood
red riding hood
By Jessie Wilcox-Smith
red riding hood
In this illustration, Little Red Riding Hood is a grown teen. «Steedman, Amy. Nursery Tales. Paul Woodroffe, illustrator.» Source
red riding hood
Cartoon character Betty Boop, the 16 years old sex symbol, posing as Red Riding Hood, with the badass wolf dressed in grandma headdress on the bed with staring eyes and lolling tongue.
red riding hood-s
Photo from costumes shop. Women want to be Red Riding Hood. Men want them to be, and women want to be, especially budding girls. image source
red riding hood red riding hood
A toy model of Little Red Riding Hood. image source
red riding hood
A illustration of the Red Riding Hood. Apparently, she is no longer little, and judging from her dress code, she quite understands what men want. And here the wolf has taken a direct approach. Image illustrated by Al Rio, colored by Tom Smith.

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