Should You Marry a Rich Bad Guy or Poor Kind Guy?

By Xah Lee. Date:

Xah's edu corner extempore!

so, today while i was flirting with Esmeralda of the The Hunchback of Notre-Dame fame, there's this passage:

However, Quasimodo is never loved by Esmeralda (the main theme of the book being the cruelty of social injustice); although she recognizes his kindness toward her, she is nonetheless repulsed by his ugliness and terrified of him, however unfairly.


of you scathed by Disney, note here that Quasimodo is the hunchback, and Esmeralda is the beautiful princess. Esmeralda has her eyes set on a handsome man, but in return he who only loved her pussy.

the question is:

should you marry a rich guy who only loves your body, and may hurt you or even kill you, or, should you marry a kind guy who truely loves you, but is penniless?

for most girls, generally speaking, they go for the rich guy.

but, i wondered, even if the guy might kill her?

yes. Then, i thought of why. From the evolutionary psychology point of view, then, it's obvious.

y'see, we, in this case, females, our goal is to multiply our own copy. So, with the rich guy, you get offspring, and probably lots, and even though you may die (he kills you), but your offspring is likely to be well off. But with the poor guy, you may live a happy life, but the chances of having a copy of yourself in good standing, is unsettling.

so, yeah, girls. Go after that guy with the lambo.