Time Mag Asks American: Are You Mom Enough? a Man's Perspective

By Xah Lee. Date:

the time-honored Time Magazine published a controversial cover that elicited wrath from certain women.

breast feeding Time Mag Cover 2012-05-21 are you mom enough
Time Mag cover

for example:

breast feeding Time Mag 45917

my thoughts on this is that, tits, what a great wonder of humanity.

breast feeding Time Mag 45588

and, we should allow breast-feeding in public.

breast feeding Time Mag 45233

however, there's the issue, if the woman is a eyesore.

We need a standard. I think we can follow Time Mag's standard here. If the woman's look is above or equal to the ones published by Time here, then they should be allowed breast-feeding in public. Else, public washhroom should be used.

breast feeding Time Mag 46295

i remember, a while back such photo would land you in jail for kiddie porn.

PBF215-Kitty Photographer
Comics by Nicholas Gurewitch. Source: http://pbfcomics.com/.

and remember the Janet Jackson Breast Outrage?

it seems, America has improved in the past decade.