BDSM in Second Life: Pony Girls

By Xah Lee. Date: .
A pony girl i met in a BDSM shop. She led me to a beach to take photos of her.
pony girl 55
Here's a full body shot same as above but including her hooves.

She is very sweet and smart, and sexy. Note how her ass sticks up. Typically, pony girls are trained to have this posture.

A close-up of her head harness. Note the vertical wedges around her eyes. That's called blinders. It is used to block the peripheral vision of the animal, to keep its focus ahead.
The pony closes her eyes in a rapture of being.

Upper body close-up.

The pony's hooves.

After the photo session, yours truely took her for a stroll along the beach. (photo: ponygirl stolling on the beach in sunset)

My friend Madlax in a stout pony-girl gear. She's the designer of this gear herself.

More ponygirl photos: a white ponygirl prancing, Pink ponygirl Veronika Stuchka.

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