The Female Exhibition

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

The following is a photo from Time magazine in , of a American ice skater Sarah Hughes in Olympics.

Sarah Hughes 2002-03
Sarah Hughes

Not only that a highly respected mainstream mag would publish such photo, but a international event would have such standard attires and kicks for the female performer.

This pic speaks a lot about sexual nature of human creatures. Male, female, their behaviors and expectations. You'll note that the crotch exposure move of many varieties are often expected of the fair sex, as opposed to men. (from dancing, to gymnastics, to sync swimming, to circus showgirls, to cheer leading, to strip teasing …) Out of biological origin the pussy sex often exhibit their reproductive organs to communicate sexual maturity. This trait has followed us to modernity, and we still love every minute of it, men and women alike.

But, in the past we would have no such admission, less such a photo of indecency. Society is getting freeer and freeer. However, in backwater societies, the frail sex are still required to be wrapped from head to toe such as around Middle East God-devout countries, while in the illustrious USA (aka America), some freedom saturated fair sex (aka gender feminists) envision and endeavor a moral crusade against the happiness and nature of both female and male.

Modonna and Britney Spears kissing 2003
Modonna and Britney Spears, sharing tongues.
Modonna and Christina Aguilera kissing 2003
Modonna and Christina Aguilera, sharing tongues.

Now in 2003-09, businessmen have arranged pop stars Modonna and Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to tongue-kiss in public (2003 MTV Music Video Awards). Osculation among females is not uncommon throughout human history. For some i assume political and power struggle reasons it has acquired a negative connotation and became a taboo looked down for long among God-fearing cultures, but in most advanced modern societies it's back open with a fairly strong demand of it by public, if not covertly.

I do wish to see the day when we can see human animals copulating on the street with love or passion, like dogs. And i hope that day will come, possibly sooner than we would expect. Love and Knowledge make happiness, possibly forcibly thwarting any God-fearing obsticles.

Look at the girl in white shorts. You can see a outline of her vulva. I do savor it.

gymnast split sculpture
A Sculpture celebrating the girl split. Wouldn't it be gravely offensive to the eyes, if a male spreads like that? (If you know the source of this sculpture, please let me know.)
gymnast split
A girl exhibiting her crotch within a formalized structure. (photo from the web, 2005-08. Source unknown. If you know who she is, please email.)

ballet dancers GST 9508
ballet dancers. (photo by Gabriel Saldaña. [image source]. Used with permission.)