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Women, Feminism, the Sex War

Feminism Perving

Erotic Visual Arts Gallery

Erotic Visual Arts Gallery

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and White Meditation
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“data society” Propaganda Targeting Conservatives
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mooncake ration ticket
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Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain

Cult and Religion

  1. Fasting, Religion, Mind Control
  2. Christian Televangelist Robert Tilton Fraud Scandal
  3. If God Doesn't Exist, then Who Wrote the Bible? THINK ABOUT IT!
  4. Religion Isn't Really Harmful, it Helps One Grow Power
  5. Can You Talk About Religion, Politics, with Friends?
  6. Christianity, Islam as Violent Cults
  7. Bible Versions
  8. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
  9. Scientology and Falun Gong
  10. Liu Xiaobo, Dalai Lama, Falun Gong, Nobel Peace Prize
  11. Falun Gong Twitter Threat
  12. Falun Gong Front Groups
  13. Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama
  14. Cults: Lawsonomy, David Icke, Moonie, Falun Gong, Raelism
  15. Why I'm not a Christian? (Bertrand Russell)
  16. Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? (Bertrand Russell)
  17. 斬邪留正詩 (Kill the Vicious and Keep the Righteous poem)

American Empire

  1. Cabinets and Classes: Harding, Obama, and Trump, which is more elitist?
  2. A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn
  3. Film “I Met the Walrus”, John Lennon, FBI
  4. Diplomacy vs Propaganda (John H Brown)
  5. Wikileak: US Diplomatic Cables Leak
  6. Crispin Sartwell Email on Government Power
  7. Nelson Mandela on USA
  8. Leaked Video: US Helicopter Killing Iraqi
  9. the Saving of Private Lynch
  10. What is Al Jazeera?
  11. Time Magazine covers, USA vs World
  12. Have You Heard of Congo War?
  13. Wikileaks, Bank of America, Anonymous, US Government, Espionage
  14. The Bimbo from Alaska: Sarah Palin
  15. Inside Jobs; Financial Crisis Documentary

  1. Noam Chomsky on Trump and Clinton
  2. Kellyanne Conway Fighting Lefty Journalists
  3. Alex Jones Conspiracy Scumbag
  4. Ben Affleck, the Proto Social Justice Warrior
  5. What's Neoconservative? Alt-Right? Alt-Left?
  6. United Express Flight 3411 Incident, Forced Passenger Removal
  7. NSA's Doc of Russian Hack Election Leak

China Stuff

  1. Li Ao on Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989
  2. Liu Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA Support
  3. China, Woman Hit by Car, Nobody Helped
  4. 1997 Hong Kong Return To China
  5. Great Fire Wall, Chinese Net Censorship; When Will China Open Up Internet?
  6. Chinese Revolution à la Egypt?
  7. China history etc.

Dire Humanity

  1. Futuristic Calamity
  2. Why Do I Not Support the “Human Right” Concept?
  3. Lets Forgive Our Dead Enemies: the Pardoning of Alan Turing
  4. Human Animals Need Ass Kissing to Survive
  5. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
  6. The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements
  7. The World's Most Dangerous Ideas and Absurdism
  8. Mencius Moldbug vs Social Justic Warriors
  9. is it possible everything YOU know is wrong?

the following are lots more random articles. very barely sorted.

The Future of Human Animals

Ethnology of Puritanical American

94 Photos of Iraq War

94 Photos of Iraq War, page 1

the American Empire, more

more censorship

Ethology (Human Animal Norms)

China Related



Las Vegas Travelog

Las Vegas Travelog

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Political Porn Literature

Unabomber-sketch-tn Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future) (1995) by Theodore Kaczynski. (34.6 k words)


The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, (2002) by Roger Williams. (5.8 k words) A torture porn fantasy; a scenario of a omnipotent machine; a characterization of human animals as a process of pursuit.

girl bound to a table

Cindy's Torment, (1990) by Anonymous John (4.7 k words) A very well written sadomasochistic pornography, with a historical significance on internet censorship.

Justine (excerpt), (1791) by Marquis de Sade. Sadism at its birth.

S.C.U.M Manifesto (by Valerie Solanas) , (1967) by a insanely militant feminist Valerie Solanas. (11k words) Exceedingly funny yet forward-looking by half a century.

Banners, Damsels, and Mores

Banners, Damsels, and Mores