Women, WASP, and the Human Animals

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Erotic Visual Arts Gallery

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The Future of Human Animals

Ethnology of Puritanical American

94 Photos of Iraq War

94 Photos of Iraq War, page 1

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Ethology (Human Animal Norms)

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Las Vegas Travelog

Las Vegas Travelog

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Political Porn Literature

Unabomber-sketch-tn Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future) (1995) by Theodore Kaczynski. (34.6 k words)


The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, (2002) by Roger Williams. (5.8 k words) A torture porn fantasy; a scenario of a omnipotent machine; a characterization of human animals as a process of pursuit.

girl bound to a table

Cindy's Torment, (1990) by Anonymous John (4.7 k words) A very well written sadomasochistic pornography, with a historical significance on internet censorship.

Justine (excerpt), (1791) by Marquis de Sade. Sadism at its birth.

S.C.U.M Manifesto (by Valerie Solanas) , (1967) by a insanely militant feminist Valerie Solanas. (11k words) Exceedingly funny yet forward-looking by half a century.

Banners, Damsels, and Mores

Banners, Damsels, and Mores