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twitter pol thread circus

twitter pol engagement 2018-09-18 74f80
twitter pol engagement 2018-09-18

this is what happens when u engage in twitter political thread. lol. it's like that since yesterday. due to the idiocy of char limit, nobody r rly serious, nobody can be. plus, the milen gen is dunno howto write! n fak twtr!

Twitter Created the SJW

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twitter 2017-06-26
twitter 2017 06 26 d73a8
twitter 2017-06-26

i noticed, once you reply to some popular account, especially political, your account view increases thousands fold.

i had 2k view/hour at best, but now it shot up to 16k.

this entices people to post batshit. The more outrageous the post, the more participation, and the more happy twitter is for traffic.

surely, the big accounts all learned this, so they just keep posting outrageous fake news. The media websites love it too, blatant fake news and click bates.

on twitter, if you replied to a popular political account expressing opposition, you be squashed. Unless, you have lots followers, or get some biggies to be involved on your site.

... but then, it all just a game.

fuck twitter. fuck twitter intentional char limit and every cranny of design geared for $.

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