Social Divide is Created by Tech Companies, the “like” Buttons

By Xah Lee. Date: .

am starting to think, the social problem in USA, is created by tech companies. google, fb, tweeter, with the “like” buttons.

1 ~10 years, ago, tech created gamify system, most notable is stackoverflow. Basically, the “like” buttons by Facebook, twitter, reddit, all.

2 the purpose of the “like” button, is to use psychology to make users stay on the website more.

3 “like” buttun is easy, brainless, and when u got “liked” 👍, there's satisfaction, and subtlety changes your behavior to get more likes

4 the “like” button reduces typing, thinking, or any real feedback in a reply, reduces real communication, actual content.

5 to get more likes, is more cat pictures, or short snappy zing humor that grabs attention, or captures what users feel. More meme.

6 short emotionally moral posts, will also get liked, by people of your own ilk.

7 brainless crowd pleasing remarks, tend also get liked. Such as we should help the weak, poor, or zen remarks on humanity, or Hitler should die.

8 websites, also made it so that you are likely to see more things you liked, so you get more happiness when using the site.

9 the effect of gamified sites, is wiping out intelligent content. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook , you don't get discussion anymore. just smartass chants n memes, that's easy to like.

10 on reddit, where no char limit, effect is less, but still, top posts are things easy to “like”, pop thought, dissent voices gone.

11 on political topics, it's a competition of creating “likable” zing. User go around ♥ all's on their side. Thoughtful or neutral posts become dregs.

most programers in Sillicon Valley, are pro sjw. But ask them to remove the “like” or gamify system that increase their website traffic.