Kissing Couple in Riot

By Xah Lee. Date:

There's this photo spreading on the web, “kissing couple amidst a riot”.

Vancouver 2011 riot kissing couple
Photo by photojournalist Richard Lam

Here's the reality of what happened:

“Vancouver Kissing Couple — ORIGINAL VIDEO” (chrisitout ) Video by Chris Wing (Vancouver resident).

More info at: Overlooked Vancouver Video Shows ‘Kissing Couple’ Was Knocked Down by Riot Police By Robert Mackey. At Quote:

The couple, Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones, later came forward and told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that they had been knocked down by riot police officers moments before the photograph was taken. Mr. Jones said that he kissed a frightened and hysterical Ms. Thomas “to calm her down.” The CBC also obtained amateur video shot from high above the street that appeared to support the couple's version of events.

See also: 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot.

thanks to [Taki Elliptic] for tips.