Scientists Say High-Heels Good for Your Health

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Scientist discovered that women's high-heels not only make your feet look sexy, but have health benefits.

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Major news outlets have all reported this discovery.

Many other news outlets reported it, with photos of sexy celebrity women wearing high-heels to prove it. e.g.

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High heels are good for your health as well as make you sexy, scientists say.

The high heel creates the illusion of a lengthened leg by shortening the calf muscle, arching the foot, and crushing the toes, forcing breasts and buttocks out in a classic hominid posture of sexual invitation. -- camille Paglia

very well put.

it is actually a good idea that women do not wear makeup at work place. Well, it's their choice. But understand, makeup, high-heels, are sexual signals. As well as cleavage, short skirt.

these things, that lipstick, high-heels, are sexual signals, every men and women knew, by heart. e.g. like when a women goes to bar, she prettify herself. But somehow, in mainstream media, we pretend it's not.

whether women should wear high-heel, lispstick, at work, first depends on the nature of the work, e.g. prostitution, show girl, modeling, and depends on degree, eg 1 inch heel vs 5. And, depends on you, the woman. To what degree, you want to solicit sexual attention.

if, at a programing job, you put on mini skirt and 5 inch heel, well, in usa u can. But, u'll get sexual solicitations as a result. If you dress all up, then u need to be firm, loud, clear, verbal, about who you want to flirt and who u deny. Can't be wish-washy semi-fantasy.

some of the extreme sjw fucks have the mindset that women can be naked, and non-firm and non-verbal about who they are interested, strutting around, and any men who touches her, is sexual harassment. Well, yeah, you'll get temp power, but keep pushing that, you'll get blood bath. No kidding. That's how revolution happens, and is happening.