California 2004 General Election

By Xah Lee. Date:

My choices for California's 2004 General Election:

• Presidential pair: Michael Badnarik and Richard Campagna of Libertarian Party.

Result: John F Kerry, Democratic. (54.4%)

• US Senate: James P Gray of Libertarian Party.

Result: Barbara Boxer, Democratic. (57.8%)


1A. Local Gov. Funds, yes; Fuck big governments.

Result: yes, 83.7%

59. Public Records, yes; watch the government

Result: yes, 83.4%

60. Political Parties, ?; Together with prog 62, one cannot know what's exactyl what without having studied the system in detail. But the principle guide should be to screw bureaucratic complexity. I want voting to be as direct and choices as diverse as possible.

Result: yes, 67.6%

60A. Surplus Property, ? ; ramification too complicated, need research and expertise to decide

Result: yes, 73.3%

61. Children's Hospitals, no; fuck children and the weak. Fuck politicians and bleeding-hearts for children this and children that. If you care about children, do spend time and love your own daughters and sons. Don't fucking think that putting tax to "children's hospitals" makes you a child-loving respectable adult. And we don't need to cry-baby and dictate the welfare of other people's children.

Result: yes, 58.3%

62. Primary Elections, ?; along with Prop 60, it's complicated to know which is better. But the priciple should be to fuck bureaucratic complexities and lock-ins.

Result: no, 53.9%

63. Mental Health Services, no; fuck extraneous concerns on mentality, and fuck those poor and have-nots. As to mental health, the more one focuses on such issue, the more ill is the whole population. And, although some of the rich are lucky, but they are not money tree for you to pluck. Besides, if you bother them too much, they will leave and leave you with nothing. See also proposition 67 below.

Result: yes, 53.8%

64. Unfair Business, ? ; not clear what is the deal. Needs expertise and research.

Result: yes, 59.0%

65. Local Gov. Funds, yes; fuck big centralized governments.

Result: no, 62.4%

66. "Three-Strikes", yes; fuck persecutors; give people a break. Remember: forgive people when you can.

Result: no, 52.7%

67. Emerg. Med. Services, no; fuck spurious tax that supposedly help extraneous emergencies. Let free-economy reign, and we will all prosper, as demonstrated in USA vs Russia aka egoistic Capitalism vs ideological Communism.

Result: no, 71.6%

68. Slot Machines, neutral; not my business. See proposition 70 below.

Result: no, 83.8%

69. DNA Collection, no; fuck big brother department of correction.

Result: yes, 62.1%

I hold no mercy for those fucking the community or humanity. I will not just collect their DNA's but cut off their fingers or brand their faces ( OMG, did i say that? must be a injection that alludes to some Middle East practices to annoy certain US Americans.). However, i do not believe that US government's laws or the way it is executed truly punish the wicket and reward the good. In part, it is a power play by the mainstream riding on the word JUSTICE. By granting the DNA collection to government, they will simply become more and more powerful and abusive. In any case, it is not lack of criminal identification that plagues the security of our community. There are too many other issues and incompetence to fix. The DNA Collecting thing is just a wishful-thinking on the part of law enforcement department.

The world's criminality is not due to lack of criminal identification technologies. Safe communities existed before the discovery of DNA.

70. Indian Gaming, neutral; not my business. I heard that in reality these Indian Casino's profit don't really end up in Indian's pockets.

Result: no, 76.3%

It is inane to install these Casino measures as a implicit apology to the genocide and massacres the WASPs have done to Native Americans. What is done is done. Putting money in progeny's pocket is of no help, possibly slight. What USA really ought do, is a UNBOWDLERIZED mandatory course in standard citizen education about how the WASPs genocided the Native Americans, where both parties mutually massacred, and with the natural-selection-condemned Indians almost terminated as a aftermath. I do not mean just a academic course for teenager highschools, but a serious effort to propagate true history with detailed atrocity to every citizen. (for example, fuck censorship and set the account straight in junior encyclopedias, daily news medias, and stop US immigration department's distribution of nice lies of US history to immigrants.) For example, the WASPs have cut off Indian pussies and wore them as trophies on hats.

71. Stem Cell Research, yes.

Result: yes, 59.1%

I'm for God-meddling biological research, such as Stem Cell or human cloning. However, i don't precisely support Stem Cell research, for, its purpose is to save the already crowded lives on this earth. Especially, rich fat obese WASPs sitting and eating junk food all day and still want to live longer. However, stem cell research is part of the God-meddling serious science, whose eventuality will not just save lives but also advance general molecular biology knowledge, such as helping human cloning or genetic engineering humans or longevity, which will have revolutionary effects on human society and structure. Therefore, i support it. Meanwhile, even if USA don't due to some Christian sect's concerns, somebody somewhere will do it. It is so easy. It is a inevitability. I'm a US citizen, therefore i like my nation to be ahead of the game. In general I don't like government sponsored research. I favor capitalistic sponsorship in advancing sciences, even in the realm of fundamental sciences. All in all, i support this proposition, if for nothing but to snub the God-believing sects.

72. Health Care Coverage, no; fuck socialism, fuck those weak, stupid, lazy.

Result: no, 50.9%

of political views, i'm a mild Libertarian. I despise extreme American liberals. I wish deathless torture to the American Independent partiers. (they are Christian God abiding, white supremacists) I loath the Peace and Freedom hippies and druggies. The Green Party's tie of everything environmental and earth-ly is nutty. I'm slightly “conservative” or akin to USA Republican Party on some issues, but in general their hawking jingoism is intolerable. (George W Bush is a genocider of 21th century) USA Democrat's bleedingheartism gone berserk is inane…

For the results, see:

see also:

official Voter Information Guide. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog (spoken is Philippines), Vietnamese. This guide is detailed, and includes the actual clauses of law of propositions.

It is quite amazing that this guide in toto is available in several languages, including full translation of the law codes from English to other languages. USA, although don't have English tagged as the official language, but for all practical purposes it is, and it is a key element in holding the country together. All laws are in English. It is great to have voter guides in different language to help voters who don't have fluent English, but translating the entire codes of law of propositions into other languages seems over-the-top.

Codes of law have specific meanings and is intertwined with its judicial system. Including the codes of law of propositions in the Voter Guide may be of interest to some citizens such as law workers, but including it in the translated language for those who is not fluent with the language of the country is a bit bleedingheartism gone berserk.

The Official Voter Information Guide in PDF broken into sections can be downloaded here:

Easy Voter Guide. The most summarized and simplifed explaination possible. Available in several languages. However, if majority of votes relies on the simplistic easy voter guide to make a decision for their state, then the state of affairs couldn't be very bright.

Michael Badnarik, 2004 presidential candidate for the liberal party. Michael Badnarik