is it possible everything YOU know is wrong?

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0 xah edu corner extempore! episode 20160704184833, is it possible everything YOU know is wrong?

1 impossible to believe. But, have a look at primitive tribes. So sure, it's possible, for them!

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2 but look at coal miners, or the mexicans who mob your toilets at McDonalds, or chinaman at chinese restaurants

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3 they, most of them cannot read. high school? what's that? they live in the same place you live, US of A.

4 yours truly know it well, because i go wash dishes for $10/hour at chinese restaurants.

5 if these people suddenly knew what we know,of the economics of uber,the currying quarks charm of haskell,or the datamining git chrome

6 it's fair to say, what these people knew about the world, in their entire life, is, lol, rather idiotic. WRONG!

7 now u programer,busy changing the world,is it possible,everything YOU know about the world,is like that coal miner knew about cosmology?