Too Many People on Earth

By Xah Lee. Date:

I felt that there are too many people on this earth. I like life and living, and i prefer rich living and good life. Or analogously, quality than quantity. However, this is not the case. Look at people on the streets, stupid shits and have-nots and uglies with their children. For example, when i go to a restaurant, i fancily expect it to be a quality one, all tables, wall decos, etc are top of the class. (a easy way to picture this today is the places rich people go to in movies, à la James Bond) In reality, if i go to downtown here in Silicon Valley, USA, all restaurants are in poor stupid houses with dirty tables, crammed into little rooms with neighboring customers, with stupid table cloths on the tables and cheap, ugly, mass-produced wine glasses, even those so-called expensive restauraunts.

This, is one of the phenomenon of the world being filled with too many human animals, and stupid masses. I fancy a decimation would be a good call. Even that, decimation wouldn't be enough. Consider the world's population, China and India EACH with some poor fucking over 1 billion human animals. And the Mexican or Hispanic descents in USA for example are breeding like crazy, and also the utterly corrupt Africa fucking like crazy with AIDS one in every four! (they believe in anal sex and virgin cure of AIDS)

They should really die to put their misery out, and improve the resources for the rest of us elite, who are justly equipped with better looks naturally and intelligence.

On one hand, i see the 21st century US massacre of Islam as the first atrocity and aggression in modern times where major world peace has been around for a while and now broken. Especially dangerous in this tech era where nanotech and robotics and biological research is becoming a unbecoming, more massively dangerous than nuclear weapons or the so-called “weapons of mass destruction”, and vastly readily available and will be developed outside of military. This is looming large and to encumber us with one calamity for us and the world to demise, within our lifetime.

But on the other hand, look at the Muslims or Islams in the Middle East. Poor, stupid, have-nots, with their dirty beards and whatnot headdress and robe clothing. So in that respect i'm glad the WASP has eliminated 30 thousands of them. Which, also brought about some nasty things such as pollution and expenses. (bombing causes air pollution, and very expensive) It would be great if weaponry have progressed to the point where everything is laser based. So, killing and war would be clean and quick, leaving all buildings and artifacts intact, some kind of instant vaporization of human animals involved. This would certainly come with biological nanobots, that can target based on blood.

(There are pros and cons of nanobots in comparison to vaporization. Both should leave artifacts intact. Bio-nanobot can be dispersed airborne and target by blood, acting like a regional filtering system. Laser has to be aimed, kills few at a time, and can kill wrongly. But nanobot may leave stinking corpses, while laser does by instantaneous disappearance. Perhaps a improvement would be bio-mechanical-nanobots, where the bots enter body, decide if it's a kill, and then build a bio-evaporative disruption within the subject's blood stream. The effective goal is that once the agent is puffed into a area, people with targeted gene would simply disappear off the face of earth within days. If the protagonists so desire, pain-receptors in the central nervous system can be stimulated for a length of time before the targeted throng decease.)

But the current killings of Islam people en masse did solve only a small amount of our problem. Although 30 thousand sounds a lot, but as we know it's only part of Iraq, and Iraq is only one of the many of the Middle East countries. These days there are just TOO MANY people. It would be great if WASP could for some reason start a war, that is to quickly eliminate the entirety of Islam and their Allah the-one-and-only-God religious heresy, and liberate their resources. The Middle East has seen unrest and infighting since biblical times. USA by brute force can presently solve their problems once for all. Some Islam stuff and people are valuable i believe, they are just as rich, intelligent, and tasteful in things and possesses liberal outlook. For example, their elaborate geometric architecture and artifacts and fables such as One Thousand And One Nights are also uniquely beautiful, and include belly dancing. These people will mostly not die in a war out of their own abilities. The vast majority that will die will be poor and weak, and will do humanity good.

On the other hand, there are great number of WASPs in USA that are rednecks and hillbillies honkies Bible-God-religious know-nothing proletariats. They live well only because other WASPs and USA citizens made the system well that they benefit. For instance, there are huge number of contribute-nothing and always trouble-making blacks in the USA. (their ancestors, though, have made contribution by the shiploads from Africa) And, the wetbacks in USA are also getting out of hand, as if i heard that Spanish is going to be a massive language and a problem in USA. These people, should also die for the betterment of humanity.

One way for these people to die can be brought about indirectly by the US elimination of other countries, thru the rebels or terrorists that US bred. For example, 9-11, where only about i think 2 thousand white died. And the recent train bomb in Spain, is also a courageous deed by the desperados in defense of their country. The 9-11 isn't a great example because the twin buildings mostly host intelligent people, some white. So their deaths are terrible losses. It would be better if the defenders invented some way, by possibly nanobot that targets by DNA means, that will immediately kill for example all people in USA who are below some income treshold or IQ bottom line, and immediately kill all non-truth believers such as the slew of God-believing sects such as the Protestants and their factions and Mormons or later-day Saints and many varieties i don't understand well.

China and India's 2-billion-plus will have to be resolved by other instrumentality. One easy way is to get US to war with China. Justifications can be had as to save Taiwan, to stop China-India border skirmish, to help China install human-rights, or to help getting rid of evil communism of the sharing mindset. China with its nuclear heads, will do a good number of annihilation, albeit un-selective. I like to see China and India's population reduced to at least half, while USA should have 1/3 dead. The Africa problem i haven't thought of, but perhaps by AIDS itself should half-life their population within a lifetime.

As for Europe … since i've never set a foot in Europe, and don't know much of their people or history, i don't know if they also suffer from too many human animals syndrome, but i do know that in Europe also there are bad seeds that ought to die for humanity causes. For one thing, the British Empirists are historically the honky origin of USA Empirists, and are of same clan as can be seen in their joint clouting of Islam against the decries of other races. British raptors are akin to American hawks.

One quickly concocted solution is again to have USA start a invasion, since USA's military expenditure equals the rest of world combined with spare. The problem is how does one get infighting started between brethren. One easy way is thru their beliefs in non-truth. As we know, USA is a God-believing faction of Protestant mostly, while United Kingdom is mostly of factions of Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist et al, also God-believing. I'm not clear on the details of their divisiveness, but basically these sects have killed each other all-out in the past, and still don't agree to this day. The United Kingdom also possesses weapons of mass destruction, so that American-English war would be well-justified and would give us a good deal of human animal reduction. And since here we are talking about two state-of-the-art Western nations, both hoard top-of-the-line precision weaponry, may it be atomic-physics based, chemistry based, biology based, or the upcoming computer-robotics and nano-mechanics based. Suffice it to say the precision will be spectacular for both. This scheme if deployed well, can raze a good portion of God-believing cults.

At the end of the day, i beg my readers to consider to move towards the measure i propound above. Painful it may seem at first, but if you are reading this to the very end and understand it well, we probably belong to the same caste, and would be beneficiary instead of the martyr.