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The story of clash of GNU vs Mastodon, USA vs Japanese culture, SJW vs gamergate, and sexual drawings of young girls

Wow, what a story. The story of clash of GNU vs Mastodon, USA vs Japanese culture, SJW vs gamergate, and sexual drawings of young girls. (if you are American, u know part of it as “anime”)

mastodon wtf timeline by Matthew Skala
[mastodon wtf timeline By Matthew Skala (Mskala). At ]

no agenda show mastodon instance

ok, there's a show called “no agenda show”. i like it. by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak see Wikipedia [ No Agenda ] [ 2017-04-25 ]

“saving the earth, one social justice warrior at a time!” ha i like that.

Adam Curry is long time net techy from 1990s, father of podcasting. John C. Dvorak is that tech writer for like 3 decades now. great!

noagenda has a mastodon instance

i'm there

sjw vs gamergate war on mastodon

had another account on the mastodon instance at

after reading its declaration there

it's like a communist manifesto. Scary.

I don't feel comfy there, and wanted to delete account. Then, realized that it's impossible to delete mastodon account. lol

mastodon delete account issue 2016-10-26 2023-05-13
[2017-04-29 ]

here's a list of sites the sjw mastodons are blocking. [2017-04-29 ]

Reason given for many is “free speech zone”

Japan's artists site, many sjw are banning, is this

here's 2 mastodon instances to join. It's Freedom + Individual, not sjw oriented.

Mastodon, Larger and Larger Ban List

mammouthcafe mastodon ban list 2017 05 09
mastodon, going nowhere, anytime.

the sjw instances are growing their ban list.

mastodon has become less and less useful.

often, friends you follow will not show up.

basically, each instance is just its own island. Despite the “federated” connection, you can't really rely on being able to see your friend's posts.

Mastodon is Doomed

on mastodon, i have 120 followers. Each of my tweet, has conversation, real one. On twitter, 1.7k follower. basically 0 conversation.

a friend replied: “I've had a similar experience. So why do you say Mastodon is doomed?”

mastodon is niche, and new. Mostly nerds. All social networks like that i knew have similar situation in the beginning. Google Plus, node, multiply, blogger, orkut, livejournal...

i think mastodon is doomed cause:

1 hard to use. harder than all the others due to instance. hard to add a friend from another instance.

2 they are playing ban games, sjw vs conserv. Instance admin abuse it.

3 the most important thing for social network, communication between friends, are basically unreliable. Friend's messages don't show. (due to ban complexity, or the tech nature of federation)

4 interface too complex. those multi-panels, local vs federated stream. The fed stream is basically useless.

all the above are with respect to average non-tech people.

mastedon may be around but just niche. By niche i mean, like MMOG games, or Second Life, where many of those at any time has more people logged in than mastodon now. But it's not for the general population. If so, it's no more exciting than say irc, slack, or lots others.

mastodon creator supports antifa 11951
the mastodon creator, openly supports antifa

mastodon is insecure

if any of you don't know already. Consider anything and everything on mastodon as PUBLIC, and archived widely. Including, private chats.

also, consider the password you used on mastodon, to be semi-open secret. (for example, don't ever let it be the same as your main email.)

also, consider your blocking, muting, etc, totally public. Any can still read your stiff if they wanted.

lastly, remember, instance admin potentially knows everything you ever did on the instance.

twitter vs mastodon 2018-08-28

twitter is pretty dead. i post same thing on mastodon, even just 230 followers, lots discussion. On twitter, 2k followers, nothing. lol. and i said this last year. twitter make u repeat, while control who sees it. n politics make people afraid to say or associate.

one problem is if u like something, twitter broadcast trying to increase traffic. often seeing likes from other is super annoying. what a skum twitter is. in its early days before 2010, no algorithm, no fancy features, much better.

but if i post politics, eg anti sj, and especially post such under popular accounts, one track mind style, then, wow, one thousand likes. and that guides each person's behavior. that's why, on twitter, it's anger fuck.

twitter problem 2018-08-28 82ce1
twitter problem 2018-08-28 82ce1

mastodon lingering round death

about ~3 months ago, mastodon had a little revival. i think it's dead again. lol. stupid coding nerds w wishful thinking for 30 yrs. n open source fanatics. we've, linux, android, java, that helped google apple mind control, n wiped out of existence of free programers.

we got spam bots.

mastodon spambot gay 2018-12-27 c620d
mastodon spambot gay 2018-12-27 c620d
mastodon spambot gay f1ce3
mastodon spambot gay f1ce3
mastodon friends nico close 2019-03-28 3vwgg
mastodon friends nico close 2019-03-28 3vwgg

poor mastodon, the latest pipedream of open source fanatics. “one of Japan's large Mastodon servers,, will be shut down after a month. is the third largest server in Japan, with about 48,000 users. It was the sixth largest in the world.”

elon bought twitter, mastodon new wave

Don't use mastodon. Worse in everyway. some actual tips, if you use mastodon:

Ash Furrow's manifesto 2022-11-22 manifesto 2022-11-22 7X2t6
Ash Furrow manifesto 2022-11-22 7X2t6

Ash Furrow's shutdown 2022-11-22 shutdown 2022-11-22 MSmcQ shutdown 2022-11-22 MSmcQ