Race Distribution Map in the USA

By Xah Lee. Date:
Blacks distribution in USA

Blacks, are concentrated from the south east, of the labor-intensive states. They are shipped there from Africa, and since have stayed there for the most part. Black people are not particularly known for their brain, however their brute strength is outstanding than most races. This can be seen in sports such as basketball, boxing, power running, ram-style football… all are dominated by blacks. On the other hand, sports that are skill oriented tend to lack blacks, such as gymnastics, figure skating, chess.

See also: One-drop rule.

Hispanics distribution in USA

The Hispanics are concentrated on the south west. Because, they came from Mexico, and the entire region of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico were once Mexico of the Spaniards. But by Manifest-Destiny, the WASPs took over in about 1848.

Mexico itself was landed by the Spaniards of Europe, since about 1500, by their own Manifest-Destiny.

For more info about Manifest Destiny, see: Manifest Destiny.

Asians distribution in USA

The Asians came from the Orient, out of their own volition, unlike that of Blacks. Since teleportation has never been a method of travel, naturally the Asians landed on the coasts thru ships. And thus, they are more concentrated there. Most of these Asians in US are Chinese. Asians, in general are a intelligent, thrifty, diligent bunch. They thrive and mind their own business. Note the localities of their concentration: Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Dallas.

Distribution of Asian in the US. image source

Whites distribution in USA

The White people in USA, or WASPs, arrived from Europe as immigrants and naturalized themselves. They came in droves and force, discovered the land of America, extinguish the natives, declared their independence and sovereignty with some egalitarian statements called Constitution, meanwhile, continued to import human animals by shiploads from Africa. (the slaves eventually stopped due to a conflict of interest within.).

“The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.” -- David E. Stannard, American Holocaust: the Conquest of the New World page x. Buy at amazon

The above is quoted from: Selected Death Tolls for Wars, Massacres and Atrocities Before the 20th Century By Matthew White. At http://necrometrics.com/pre1700a.htm.

race ancestry distribution map in USA
Race Distribution in USA: each county is colored by its ancestry majority.

It is interesting to note, that the majority of whites are of German blood. I think this has some association with the heritages of aggressiveness propensity.

The source of the maps on this page are from US Census Bureau: CENSUS 2000 BRIEFS.