The 2003 California GUBERNATORIAL thing RECALL

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What does “recall” mean? When a government employee did something bad or pissed off the public, the public can “recall”. Basically, it amounts to taking the guy down. Dictionarily, recall is “dismissal from office by vote”, and impeach is something like “accuse a official of a crime”.

In this Californian gubernatorial recall, we have some 135 candidates. We have:

Porn actress Mary Carey

Porno actress Mary Carey. Among her top 3 pledges are:

  1. Legalize gay marriage in California.
  2. Tax breast implants.
  3. Make lap dances a tax deductible business expense.

Decidedly a blonde chick in a Californian utopia, where the top agendas for a state with the same size of population as Canada (~33.8 million), are sex oriented. Thinking about it, a utopian State of Copulation, not too bad. Her official website is: . She is probably not pretty enough or young enough to be elected.

marycareyforgovernor dot com 2003-09-26
marycareyforgovernor dot com 2003-09-26
Mary Carey on porn cover
Mary Carey in action

Computer Nerdette George Russell screenshot 2004-05-17 screenshot 2004-05-17

We also have in the limelight a brunette Georgy Russell. Who is Georgy? Georgy is a 26-years old computing geek, who graduated in computer science in 1999 from UC Berkeley. (hotbed of political boisterousness and hippies) Georgy espouses Linux and the Open Source movement, and her hero is the Finnish stud icon Linus Torvalds (the guy who wrote Linux). Georgy is a dream-mate of tactless nerds, who interviewed her on Linux fanatic's mecca the on August 20th. See:

Georgy Russell slashdot 2003-09 California Gov 2020-01-19 j6hpg
screenshot 2020-01-19 [Georgy Tells Why She Should Be California Gov By Slashdot. At]

Georgy Russell's official website is at: Like any self-respecting geek, she runs a blog show.

screenshot 2020-01-19 g6g8r
screenshot 2020-01-19 (screenshot Georgy_Russell_Blog_200502.pdf)

Reputedly 10k visitors a day. (perhaps Once upon a time). Among Georgy's souveniring merchandises sold at her site, is a thong. Very much American.

Georgy Russell Georgy Russell Georgy Russell thong Dilbert hug
Georgy Russell posing in front of her machinery. Note the giant Linux penguin. It is a representative of the Open Source movement. Oh, Georgy, Come to my bedroom.

Hustler Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt banner
The banner of

Larry Flynt, the well-known pornographer, has joined the gubernatorial fray.

This Larry Flynt fat and ugly guy ain't just a joe nobody. He is some smut peddling entrepreneur. Founder of Hustler Magazine (1974), defendant of several law suits up to Supreme Court (Hustler Magazine Inc. v. Falwell), Free Speech advocate (of course), and a gun target of some righteous man, for which he is paralyzed from the waist down. This low-down obscene joe nobody went thru hell and happenstance and providence has now made him a millionaire and a free-speech hero. Autobiographical film has been made about him: the People vs Larry Flynt Buy at amazon (1996) , and himself has written a few books by now. He is also a also-ran in US Presidency.

On the whole, i think Flynt's not too bad a candidate. His biography can be found at: Larry Flynt His website is

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Arianna Huffington

governator poster Arianna Huffington's book cover
Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Arianna Huffington

Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Republican) Actor, Mister Universe, is also pushing for governor. Can he take it? Is he better than the believably corrupt politicians that are running amuck? After watching his fully choreographed TV commercials: I don't think so. After reading his response to issues and watching his performance in debates: I don't think so. He has two websites: and .

Arianna Huffington (Independent) is a writer, socialite. Born in Greece, got a M.A. in Economics from Cambridge U. A amazon search turned up several of her books, along with reviews. Her own short biography is on her soap box: (defunct), as well as her column writings. Ex-husband is GOP congressman Michael Huffington (true in 1994) (Michael disclosed that he is a gay later.). She is 53 and mother of two chicks. She lives in Los Angeles. Here's her books:

Microsoft's encyclopedia has these two quotes from her:

Liberation is an evershifting horizon, a total ideology that can never fulfill its promises.

It would be futile to attempt to fit women into a masculine pattern of attitudes, skills, and abilities and disastrous to force them to suppress their specifically female characteristics…by keeping up the pretense that there are no differences between the sexes

Sounds pretty good to me. So, she's a smarty. A writer. Have lived around poverty. Has a accent. Has concerns about female matters but probably not like those anti-porn feminism idiotresses. Attacker of politicians and CEOs. Lastly, judging from her looks and demeanor, she must be one hot looking puss in the past. (please send me photos if you have.). Her websites are: and

For biographical info about Arianna Huffington, see: Wikipedia Arianna Huffington. She also founded a political blog site: The Huffington Post.

Cruz Bustamante, Peter Camejo, Tom McClintock, Gray Davis

There are few more candidates, some of the prime ones i'll have to yet to sort out.

The Aftermath

For detailed account of the California 2003 Recall and aftermath, see Wikipedia: