Movie Review: Saw 6

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Just watched the torture porn movie Saw 6 today.

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I love the torture scenes, but otherwise despise all other aspect of it. Americans, with their infatuation of justice and human rights, yet still love torture like every other human animal, had to create this twisted theme of justice to subconsciously justify their enjoyment of a graphic torture story. The Saw series is a huge money maker.

This shallow, twisted, theme of justice is very offensive to me. For example, you know how insurance company has a formula to calculate the insurance rates, coverage, for each person, based on their health, age? That's very rational, fair, and justified. But in Saw VI, it implies such insurance policy is not moral, and the person who “invented” this insurance formula is used as a victum for us to enjoy the torture show. You know how some people are addicted to drugs, who otherwise might have a good life? So, “Saw” makes fun of this. In Saw's theme, it says these people need to be tortured so that they “wake up” and realize the value of life. As another example, another justification to torture people is on those rich or well-to-do who are un-ethical or criminal in business or practices (e.g. Predatory Lending). The victums are not always offenders of some crass morality. Some are almost random, playing on human vengence. Torturers also get tortured, as some sorta vindication that “you need to test yourself”.

In general, the film is about a demented guy who torture others. He considers himself to be some sort of justice giver or teacher in helping his victums. He thinks his victums “deserve” it. His reasons are certain lose pop morality. These brainless moral thoughts are typical of the uneducated masses.

The Saw series of movies insults intelligence, insults education, insults moral philosophy.

Of torture porn films, i rather enjoyed The Devil's Rejects Buy at amazon and Hostel: Part II Buy at amazon

The Devil's Rejects is a cult classic. Featuring a bunch of demented fucks of culturally American “midwest” types, crazy for the sake of it. Weird and funny. The “Hostel: Part II”, is just pure torture porn, without some moral shit. In Hostel II, i particularly like the protaganist chick Beth, who, when facing death, made a choice that transformed herself from a victum to villain. She is beautiful, intelligent, and courageous. The type of woman i love.