History of Judaism Christianity Islam

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history of Judaism Christianity Islam

Nov 22, 2020
Mar 19, 2021
【十字軍簡史(下)】解析十字軍長征之路 | 什麽是基督天國?
Mar 28, 2021

this guy 青蛙刀圣, is a heavy nerd. i first knew of him in annotating the Game of Throne epic. he focus on narrating complex plots, usually from big TV series, and apparently some complex history too. apparently he spend a month or more to dive into books and other resources, and summarize it in 30 minute or 1 hour video.

From the last 2 videos i've watched, about the history of Judaism Christianity Islam, i learned so many thing. I don't know nothing about europe history. Nor much about Christianity history. But now, all the bits things i known now gets connected.

Jews, jerusalem, jesus, trinity, latin vs greek, orthodox, heretic, pope, roman empire, western roman empire, eastern roman empire aka orthodox church and Byzantine Empire...