author fan relationship

By Xah Lee. Date: .

there's a interesting thing with twitter following, or author/fan relationship. Your follower may retweet or reply on your post. Once you follow them, that often stops. Why? because, it has to do with human relations. The relationship changed, expectation changed.

It's a unpleasant fact of human relations. In general, it's the case for authors or celebrities to not engage with fans. Better that way. Once you engage with fans, expectation changed. Things go wrong more easily.

i learned about this personally on twitter in past decade, but also from reading news of authors, celebrities, etc. This is such a thing that you do not say directly. Because on the surface it seems you are bad human. Creates bad vibe. Sometimes author/stars talk about it.

author, movie star, celebrity, has a one to thousands or millions relationship. It's kinda unnatural, artificial, created by tech. One can't really care or be concerned of thousands people. On the other hand, author want to keep growing fans, because it's a business.

celeb vs fan