On the Zoomer Grifters on Postmodern Architecture

By Xah Lee. Date: .

on the zoomer grifters on postmodern architecture.

there's a bunch of typically god-believing rightwing idots who latch onto high-tech architecture as goat for american social problems. this building, is one of the greatest design. Innovation, creativity, and require cutting edge science and engineering, impossible before.

postmodern architecture 2023-04-22 GQV8J
postmodern architecture 2023-04-22 GQV8J

by the way, that building is Royal Ontario Museum

and now, let me do a monolog on this for a short few minutes. in past few years since the height of sjwgang, starting about 2018, there's a fad, of dissing modern architectures, such as the one above. in particular that one. and, in these meme activity, often, they'd point out, how old cathedrals are beautiful. now, these people, if u look into them, they are not usually art critics or architecture critics (they know nothing about it), but typically are anti sjwgang, and christian. so, their say, is really not about criticism of architecture design, but just fighting the sjwgang, and latching onto a meme. brainlessness, as most people in the culture war on twitter reddit etc r.

in order to criticize architecture, first, u have to have a appreciation of it, namely, u have knowledge about art. eg u have a degree in architecture, or, u studied art history, or, u have sizable knowledge of human history or culture. u can, for example, list the styles over the centuries, region, delineate their characteristics, prominent designers, etc. and or, give a analyze of about why the style taste changed.

but these faakheads, r nothing like that. what they r doing, is basically, look, there's this ugly guy whose opinions i no like, because architecture!

now, most of the architecture they no like, are typically either modern, or postmodern. now, i despise sjw streak of postmodernism of philosophy, but, the epithet of style used in different fields do not mean the same thing. modern or postmodern architecture designers, are usually not, the sjw postmodernists.