2016 USA Election

By Xah Lee. Date: .
usa election voter turnout
usa election voter turnout.

for 2016, it's 55%.

election 2016 county map
election 2016 county map

in the past decade, when i saw this map of election, i think of the red as uneducated clueless jesus chanting rubes. Now i think differently.

clinton spent some $250M on ads, Trump spent $153M.

Clinton won popular vote by 395,595. In context: San Francisco population is 837k, NYC 8.4M, LA 3.88M.

Clinton won popular vote by 395,595. That's 0.328 percent of total number of vote 120538895.

2016 election shift
2016 election shift map

of the voted:

in California, 33.2% voted for Trump.

San Francisco Bay Area (Sillicon Vally), SF county 9.9% Trump. Santa Clara 21.5%. San Mateo 19.1%. Average is 16.8%.