What is Gaslighting

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Now, let me explain what gaslighting is. It is a jargon invented by the sjw, to accuse anyone, like a the american tag, evil lord. So, if u no like a guy x, and x is saying something to you, u can just say, x is gaslighting you. Usually, u have a sorta relationship with x. e.g. Coworker, family, friend or exfriend. But sometimes can be used broadly with person no relation to you, e.g. A public speaker, educator, professor, politician. e.g. U can say, politician x is gaslighting us. Jargons, is a potent tactic of brainwashing, and gaslighting is a example. For example, if u accuse someone of playing psychological games with you, or oppresses you psychologically, you have a lot explanation to do. But with the gaslight jargon, bang, suddenly u have a case. Suddenly, it somehow became the burden of your enemy, to do the explanation. If the enemy is not super smart or had studies of the brainwashing psychology and linguistics, he easily falls into the trap, of trying to explain himself. So, in sjw's own terms, the gaslighter is gaslighting.

Also, let me say, the gaslighting mentality, is predominantly a female perspective. And psychology, is in practical a predominantly female's way of controlling things in life, in particular, relationships.