Cults: Lawsonomy, David Icke, Moonie, Falun Gong, Raelism

Alfred Lawson; the University of Lawsonomy

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Alfred Lawson (1869 to 1954), another cult, theory of everything guy. Quote:

In the 1920s, he promoted health practices including vegetarianism and claimed to have found the secret of living to 200. He also developed his own highly unusual theories of physics, according to which such concepts as “penetrability”, “suction and pressure” and “zig-zag-and-swirl” were discoveries on par with Einstein's Theory of Relativity.[3] He published numerous books on these concepts, all set in a distinctive typography. Lawson repeatedly predicted the worldwide adoption of Lawsonian principles by the year 2000.

He later propounded his own philosophy — Lawsonomy — and the Lawsonian religion. He also developed, during the Great Depression, the populist economic theory of “Direct Credits”, according to which banks are the cause of all economic woe, the oppressors of both capital and labour. Lawson believed that the government should replace banks as the provider of loans to business and workers. His rallies and lectures attracted thousands of listeners in the early 30s, mainly in the upper Midwest, but by the late 30s the crowds had dwindled.

In 1943, he founded the unaccredited University of Lawsonomy in Des Moines to spread his teachings and offer the degree of “Knowledgian,” but after various IRS and other investigations it was closed and finally sold in 1954, the year of Lawson's death. Lawson's financial arrangements remain mysterious to this day, and in later years he seems to have owned little property, moving from city to city as a guest of his farflung acolytes. A 1952 attempt to haul him before a Senate investigative committee and get to the bottom of his operation ended with the old man leaving the senators baffled and unimpressed.[4]

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David Icke, the Lizard Man

Discovered another crackpot: David Icke. This guy claimed he's son of God, claimed that earth is ruled by lizard-like alien and human hybrids, etc. Wrote and sell several books, with big site peddling his shit, going around the world giving lectures.

There are quite a few people that i've read who claimed to be son of God, or brother of Jesus. One most disastrous one, is 洪秀全 (Hong Xiuquan), which eventually became Taiping Rebellion, with 20 million deaths. (for one of his poem, see: 斬邪留正詩 (Kill the Vicious and Keep the Righteous poem)).

Unification Church (Moonies)

Discovered another cult the [ Unification church ] [ ], started by [ Sun Myung Moon ] [ ] (born 1920). Apparently another juggernaut, with heavy government ties and runs many and diverse business across the globe. Also, it practices sexual rituals.

Moon has said, and it is believed by many Unification Church members, that he is the Messiah and the Second Coming of Christ and is fulfilling Jesus' unfinished mission.

Dalai Lama, Falun Gong

Other cult leader is of course the Dalai Lama. Who, supposedly is the reincarnation of the previous Lama. (Lama's role in the cult is similar to Pope in Catholic cult.) The Dalai Lama is used by US to do power struggle with China. See: Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama.

Other modern, powerful deceiver that do huge damage to human animal society, includes the Scientology, Falun Gong. See: Scientology and Falun Gong.

Raelism, UFO Cult

Discovered the cult Raëlism.

Raëlism (or the Raëlian Church) is a UFO religion that was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël.

The Raelian Movement teaches that life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim. Members of this species appeared human and when having personal contacts with the descendants of the humans they made, they were mistaken for angels, cherubim or gods. Raëlians believe messengers, or prophets, of the Elohim include Buddha, Jesus, and others[2][3][4] who informed humans of each era.[5] The founder of Raëlism, members claim, received the final message of the Elohim and that its purpose is to pacify and inform the world about Elohim and that if humans become peaceful enough, they wish to be welcomed by them.

Within the Raëlian Church has a quasi-clerical structure of seven levels. Joining the movement requires an official apostasy from other religions.

Sexuality is an important part of the Raëlian doctrine. The Raëlian Church has attracted some of its priests and bishops from other religions despite having liberal views of sexuality.[6]

Raël founded Clonaid (originally Valiant Venture Ltd Corporation) in 1997, but then handed it over to a Raëlian bishop, Brigitte Boisselier in 2000.[7] In 2002 the company claimed that an American woman underwent a standard cloning procedure that led to the birth of a daughter, Eve (b. December 26, 2002). Although few believe the claim, it nonetheless attracted national authorities, mainstream media, and young adults to look further into the Raëlians' cult status.

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Raelians at Love Hug Festival in Seoul South Korea
Raelians at Love Hug Festival in Seoul, South Korea. [ image source 2011-04-29,_South_Korea-2.jpg ]

Falun Gong