If God Doesn't Exist, then Who Wrote the Bible? THINK ABOUT IT!

By Xah Lee. Date:

A exceedingly funny video that's wildly popular.

“PamelaForeman Another Question For Atheists [reposted]”. «good morning YouTube, uhmm, i had another interesting dream last night …»
tamtampamala who wrote bible
TamTamPamala on “Who Wrote Bible?”

TamTamPamala seems to be Tamar Bohem or Pamela Foreman. Here's a account of the story:

Who is TamTamPamela? By Heather Spoonheim. At http://www.thinkatheist.com/profiles/blogs/who-is-tamtampamela?xg_source=activity

Summary: She seems to be a troll, posting silly videos praising Christianity, until her videos became viral, and got pizzas sent to her home and threats, then she posted her last video “Coming Clean” and closed her account.

Here's her last video before she closed her account.

“TamTamPamela Coming Clean [mirror]”

TamTamPamela's Videos

Here's some of her other videos. Hilarious.

Angel Spoke to Me (Vote for Scott Brown)

TamTamPamela says Vote for Scott Brown because «an angel came to me in a vision last night …».

Atheist Logic vs Logical Logic

“Pamela Foreman Argues With Atheist [reposted]”. «i just had the stupidest argument even with the stupidest atheist ever …»

God is So Good (Tsunami in Japan)

“God is so good” (thanking god for tsunami in Japan) «“God is such a amazing god, he's so good and so loving and …”»

Pamela Troll Response

Here's a funny response video.

“Re: Pamela troll - vote for Scott Brown response” uploaded by clairbear022