Meditation and the White Men

By Xah Lee. Date:

meditation… lol. Not to offend my friends, but it's more of a rich white man's pipe dream of the eastern mystic.

sure, it helps, but for some who leads a simple life, they live as well long and peaceful.

it's, like, banana vs broccoli, which is better? if you hated broccoli and one day discovered banana from the Far East, it's like, OMG, this is the magic pill, and science proves it. But, your idiotic neighbor seems to live a hundred years, and he eats broccoli every day.

y'know, in the 60s, there are drug craze… LSD, grass… and there are scientific reports on how they enhance creativity. In particular, the artist types thrive on it for inspiration.

i was born in Taiwan (the official name of which is Republic of China), grew up there up to 14. In Taiwan, vast majority are Buddhist (perhaps 80% or such. look up Wikipedia). In Taiwan, every few steps on street you'll see incense burning or burning paper money for the dead, every few blocks you'll see a temple, big or small. (in fact, it's kinda scary to walk into a foreign nation where everyone has a skin color different than you and believe in a religion alien to you. Try it.)

even i grew up in Taiwan, where everyone is Buddhist, but i don't think i've heard of anyone who does meditation. We've seen enough of it in kung fu movies, thank you. LOL. It's the white men, in particular, rich, white, men and women, who's got nothing to do every day, are all gung-ho about zen, yoga. (and among white programers, they are like, zen this or dojo that every day.)

not that meditation is bad. The question is, banana vs broccoli, which is BETTER??