Scihub creator Alexandra Elbakyan

By Xah Lee. Date: .

2019-08-18 so scihub creator Alexandra Elbakyan is in hiding

and note she said this:

Elbakyan has stated that she is inspired by communist ideals, although she does not consider herself a strict Marxist.[24] She has stated that she supports a strong state which can stand up to the Western world, and that she does not want “the scientists of Russia and of my native Kazakhstan to share the fates of the scientists of Iraq, Libya, and Syria, that were ‘helped’ by the USA to become more democratic.”[25]

scihub creator Alexandra Elbakyan has her own blog. Note the opening paragraph on Wikipedia:

scihub Alexandra Elbakyan 2019-08-18 ry3dk
scihub Alexandra Elbakyan 2019-08-18 ry3dk