Celebrity vs Fan Problem

By Xah Lee. Date: .

celebrity vs fan problem

Yes but i get pinged a lot since am doing public blog and now youtube for 20 years. So i have the problem of celebrity vs fan problem. Not a small problem, i'd say. Because i got all the emails, friend request, and questions, from complete strangers every week or day for decade plus. For 10+ years, typically i spend 2 hours a day to answer them, including comments on my site.

Now and then, due to my directness or rudeness, some originally was a fan, so much impressed by me, enthusiastic, then got driven off. Typically happened with young open source unix linux types. They think they know me, and they think we are “equals”, some sorta individualistic hero in the world, but the fact is, they know me, i have no idea who they are, and whoever they are, the quality differs significantly, and diverse. Many are very weird people from all corners and walks of life.

This celebrity vs fan issue i have thought abut now and then since many years ago. Recently or recent years i've been thinking, the tried and true solution, is just like the mainsream media we hate, e.g. A website or forum where fans are subject to some cold and inhuman rules or code of conduct, but written with all the polite loving words, while the author or the boss basically never get involved, or at least not personally engage with any fan at all. The fans are just strictly a resource. You can see this in singer celebs or movie star celebs, or youtuber/influencer e-celebs, etc. Sad situation. And i say, this seems to be, the tried and true solution.

Wanted to continue talk about this cause it regularly causes me trouble. E.g. Here. Every 4 months or so, and even recently, then we got people here debating me about the show real name stuff, which i made to be a central principle of the rule here. However, due to the nature of me or my forum, free spirit and free speech, some of these people especially the open source unix linux emacs vim conspiracy or channer, these free-thinking and free-spirit or conspiracy types, start to argue with me about the rules i want. It really FUCKing pains me. Half of the time, the conversation went wrong, and these anon potentially became a Xah Hater. I ask myself, what am i doing here? Daily answering questions, with my ID and Face, and these milengen zoom or hacker whatnot anons, each comes in suck my time, and potentially become a time bomb for myself. And i know nothing about who they are.

There are few levels here. It usually hurt me in real life when conversation went wrong and a new fan got driven off by perhaps my rude retort. Because i usually treat online as real life, not the mliengen/zoomer attitude of online sites are shit-posting tourist-spots. I speak with my face and id, they don't. They don't fucking care if they left or whatnot. But to me, it's major waste of time cuz i deal it daily. Happens again and again.

The second more severe level is, we have pol rooms that allow any free speech. There, for example talking on usa or china pol, we disagree, and it can get very, very nasty. That's when, i fear real life harm. I don't know who these nameless faceless fuckers are, they know my id and life like a open book.

So, let me make a practical rule or explanation here instead of just rant. To all who recently joined. This is why i find the real ID and Name important. Sure, you can be anon, but if you are, the best is always be very nice, and never engage in any pol or controversial or current event hot topic. That's very nice approach, and many great people here do that. Stay here for a half a year or more and chat, then people gradually know you, even though not your ID, but people get to know your character. I, or other, may start to chat to you with trust, meaningful conversation. Not just the typical opinion throwing with chan fuck slurs.

If, you wanna chan-speak, talk about pol, talk about sjw or lgbtq or any current hot event or controversy such as jordan peterson elon musk etc, show your ID. This is the foremost important rule in this forum. Else, let me say, fuck the completely off and go fuck your mom.

celeb vs fan