which super power is most powerful?

By Xah Lee. Date:

xah rumination extempore! Super Power

which super power u want?

superman is the ideal invincibility. But, as soon as human animals imagined the concept, we had to add a vulnerability. How idiotic can that be? It makes it human again. this is so for all superheros. Their power, one is greater than another, and it escalates into certain alien extra-universe power, but then, there's always some marked vulnerability. Those with n-magnitude power than us fighting with us yet it seems the outcome is still balanced. This time i lose, next time u.

the super powers we imagined from superhero fairy tales are idiotic, of course. Those powers, are immediate understandable conceptions. It requires that mom and pop can understand it. for example, fireman, stoneman, ironman, are common understandable super powers. Eyes shooting laser, invisible, passing walls, yes, we all easily understand that. super strength, i know what u r thinking, disappear here and appear there, flying, are super powers.

on the subject of super powers, these are lack of imagination, lack of scientific curiosity, and lack of power, too.

but first of all, given these common ones as shown in comics, which one do u want, which is more powerful? first of all, those physical ones, such as fire man, stone man, strong man, laser-eye man, are all the weakest. Without going into details, the most powerful, are the psychic ones, such as the Professor X in X-men.

but in going into detail about the power or pick a preference, one cannot help then starting to define, exactly, what is a specific power. And it dig right into science, and, philosophy.

let's say the Magneto, one who can control magnetic field. In movies, what it really means is that whatever is made of metal he can move or deform in anyway he want, in just about any speed we understand in daily life (such as bullet), and about any common size, from a room to a airplane. But that's just random fantasy. More nerdy, is to see what a science based super power would mean for someone who can control or influence magnetic fields. We need to define roughly how, and the power of such influence, and what is meant by controlling it. it's quite interesting to think about.

Then, when thinking about some of the super powers by science, one cannot help but hit philosophy....

ok, so let's say the psychic power of prof X. First of all, what does it encompass? we can imagine, i know what's on your mind. I can control your mind. But can i simultaneously know 2 person's minds? if so, would it slow me down? can i control multiple minds? And, if i can know what u r thinking, can i know your memories?

what does it mean exactly, to know what's another is thinking? sure, we can conceive it easily. But that's not enough, we need to go into detail. (as critical thinking, philosophy, science, is about) thinking is a illusive thing. some language experts studies it in connection to language. is it connected to language? some say it is. So, that means, if you are Chinese and i'm English, maybe it is impossible for me to know accurately some things you are thinking, because it's not in my lang?

and then, suppose you are a quantum physicist. I am a programer, i know nothing, but i have psychic powers. Would i be able to, know what u r thinking when you are thinking about quantum problems?

so, is telepathy equivalent to as if you speak out what you are thinking and i hear it? in that case, you'd be speaking quantum stuff, and even i heard, i would no unstand.

now, if we go the science route about this, then, we hit philosophy. for example, what are the possible scientific premises for psychic power? presently, there's none. But that doesn't stop us to use imagination a bit, after all super power is fun. Ok, so, to know what other's thinking. But there is no sci premise, it's hard to start. But in philosophy, that's no stranger. as there's your whole life is but a dream played out by a devil. Science isn't entirely left out in mind matters, there's neurology and psychology about it. Knowing the past, knowing the present? teleportation? easily it drags in dimensionality and blackhole and warmhole stuff.


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