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xah on criticism of sjw 2020-05-31 9sq44
xah on criticism of sjw

hum, not sure how to reply to that. On the criticism of blaming sjw for everything... note that sjw is a umbrella term for leftism ... actually a very mutated form. For example, the leftism i know, and consider a partial member of, are the hippies or nerds generation, of 70s or 80s. Today, the "leftist" is noting like that. A rather complete 180 aboutface. So, i use a new term, sjw. Some others calls it regressive left. for example, the left of the 70s and 80, are extreme for free speech, while the right, the conservative, the god believers, are into censorship. (e.g. against porn, gay, or swearing) The left of 70s and 80s, are anti war. Today's left mainstream media (cnn, nyt), are neocons, same as George Bush right wing. They churn to support the US War Machine $$$ going. of course, there's connection or evolution, of the left from 60s to become today's sjw. They are connected. It's hard to "blame" exactly a grouping "term". In general, there are very complex social reasons on why things become that or this way. but for my view point, and style, i find it most easily summarized as blaming the sjw.

regarding how it seems that i blame everything on sjw... i think the reason is 2 parts. 1, it is kinda what i believe, as explained above. 2, it is my personality, a style of expression, to be dramatic, or sometimes. and i think we can add a 3rd reason. That is, for the typical white people who are against sjw, you can look at how THEY criticise sjw. Such as Jordan Peterson , and quite a few in academia. When they criticize, they have a academic style, often with precision and reason, quite elaborate, with jargons, charts, citations, etc. That's great. However, my opinion is that, perhaps that is part of the reason, white countries are failing. Because, Western Philosophy, with its obsession of logic, does not answer the big mysteries of humanity. You also need, shall we say, diversity of approach. Say, eastern philosophy of daoism or round about cosmic fuzziness, as part of human voice, to guide us to harmony.

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xahlee on sjw 2020-05-31

well, in general, i never knew anything about pol or interested in pol until about 2004, when i started to study humanity issues, beginning with my interest in tech, futurism. namely, what will happen to us, in the future? with robotics, nano tech (back then it's a thing), upcoming, and cpu double speed every 2 years...

before 2002, i was a extreme tech nerd, who are in deep with math, programing, philosophy, some linguistics, psychology, studies.

in 2 of my livestream i talked about this...

about sjw , let me explain why i hate them. I do not simply think they are just bad. They are, evil of humanity in the MOST Extreme form, that possibly can exhibit. A good analogy, is what sjw considered Nazi.

so i short, in my view, for ease of understanding: the sjw, is Nazi reborn.

this has happened in China. The Cultural Revolution.

let me put in other words. Imagine, there's a movement, that actively tells everyone, 1+1 is 3, and if you disagree, they beat you up. This, is exactly what sjw are doing, happening, in American and many white nations. All over. In academia, in tech corps, in politics, on the street (antifa). They fire you, cut your bank account, remove your website, your ISP, massive censorship, forbid you to publish, or create false things about you, or your publication, suppress it, etc. This, in the past 3 years, has been happening in a very severe form. Books, lots books, has written about it, documented it. Lets give one simple example. Today, on twitter, if you say men are not women, you get ban'd. They have it as part of their rule in broad daylight. and we have TV, openly invite “trans professor”, that says, men and women are BIOLOGICALLY the same, or biologically no difference.

if you have followed these events in past 4 years , you know what am talking about. You may just get used to and became insensitive about it. If you have not spend 1 hour a day to dig these things, such as on twitter, then , you may not be aware, and think am crazy. (in part because, all mainstream newsmedia, cnn, nyt, etc, including big tech, google, twitter, facebook, are doing systematic algorithmically controlled info control (as you may know and agree))

and also, look at the event happening right now. Massive riot, looting. What kinda of country, what kinda collection of healthy citizens, would have that happen? It does not happen in history often. When it does, something is very wrong.

so, either, you write a book, to explain why this happened. But, if we put it in 1 sentence, the best sentence is: SJW.

if you look at history, upheaval happens thru-out. There's Cultural Revolution, French revolution, nazi, xyz killing, etc, each millions dead. And, we can look back, and explain it. And,we could, often summarize what's “wrong” for the specific historical event in 1 sentence. And, i'd say, am doing similar, today, and sjw.

so, what's sjw, what they say exactly? For example, as a refresher, they say, patriachy. Basically, everything is men's fault. (note. this is not humor. People who dared to disagree openly, has been fired, beaten. including, professors, celebrities.)

for another example, the sjw say, corporates and political leaders and universities, must have 50% top leaders be females. They are creating laws to enforce this. and some law like this already exist.

so, does anyone, understand, my hatred of the sjw? do i make sense?

the rise of the sjw

in my study of the rise of the sjw, suddenly in 2017. I find that the ROOT of the problem, is boring, namely money. Began with Hillary. Those “diversity” heads in schools make some $300k/year. For average white collar, non-conformity dispel you.

more specifically, the left academia since 1970s, political correctness since 1990s, and rise of facebook twitter ~2005 creating brainlessness and echo hole, are main reasons.

i think a key point is Hillary riding on it, saying racism sexism homophobia islamophobe deplorable remarks in public.

note that this is exactly what unabomber predicted. when i read it back then, i think his prediction is nutty.

Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future)

the most insight i got when studying the rise of sjw, is from Camille Paglia, Jordan B Peterson , and also Karen Straughan [ https://www.youtube.com/user/girlwriteswhat ]