The Xah Offend Show

By Xah Lee. Date:

for US American Audience.

ok, am creating a “Xah Offend Show” stream. So that, norps (a term i just learned; thanks to the internet age!) don't have to be offended. While those depraved, can enjoy the show fully, and i would be relieved of fearing offending friends.

haven't decided what the name will be. Am thinking “Xah Offends” or “Xah Offend Show”. What do you think?

the new Google Plus stream (possibly with a dedicated twitter and blogger account) will host all the usual sensitive materials from my mouth; of topics such as {politics, religion, sex}, and in the streak of Xah mind, the analysis and dissection of young girls (but only the attractive young white female ones will i be concerned with, just like American!).

actually, i've been struggling whether my writings and thoughts should be subjected to such segregation.

In my mind, such is a ingratiating move, a mellowing of truth, lessening of integrity, the mark of marketing, a compromise for the ignorant mass.

You know? imagine those former assholes such as Gandhi or martin luther king jr or such, like, starting such a segregation, so that when they open their offensive mouths such as the glorification of niggers and gay yesterday or transexuals today, they would only broadcast it in their Saturday Nights channel, so their dedicated followers can get a good laugh, while, not offend the masses.


been thinking about this for a while. It seems to me, to hold non-mainstream opinions is really a uphill struggle. One out of a million, you might be successful and be admired while you are alive (but bear death threats or assassination). But most of the time, you'll be just a stupid ass, with the slight possibility that a hundred years after you are dead you might be mentioned in history books.

there are many angles to this. In one view, it can be thought of as a matter of effectiveness in spreading views. For example, if you are a atheist and went to a church and shout blasphemy, you would probably be stoned to death on the spot, legal too! So, that's very ineffective (e.g. comparable to that of Hypathia or Socrates). On the other hand, you could be one greasy shrew, kinda like a diplomat and politician. Or, somewhere middle like the recent New Atheism movement fellows…

gah, i babble too much. To separate or not to separate, that is the question a la Shakespeare.

(xah's edu corner of the day: did you know the words {gah, gawd, golly, gee}, are all euphemisms derived from {god, jesus}?

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