project evidence covid19

By Xah Lee. Date: .

a subtle propaganda by usa against china on covid19.

project evidence 2020-04-18 264xk
discovery of Project Evidence 2020-04-18
project evidence conclusion 2020-04-18 cbfmJ
project evidence conclusion 2020-04-18

it is, then, like, lol. the most important thing, is to find the author of this paper. maybe it is 1 guy, maybe multiple. and, just maybe, it is employee at us gov, such as cia etc.

ah ok. ok. completely nameless. created 2 days ago. there's some early forks and pull requests. here's screenshot for the record

project evidence github pull request 2020-04-18 sPY8P
project evidence github pull request 2020-04-18

so far, 29 star, 9 forks. let's see how popular it gets yeah. sooner or later, it'd be on reddit and hackernews. if not already where did you find it? the first spreader, are likely to be authors or associated

project evidence  charlienoyes 2020-04-18 5gx9z
project evidence charlienoyes 2020-04-18