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By Xah Lee. Date:

Just discovered this post at http://www.politicsforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=114&p=13636718 . It lists some front groups of Falun Gong. I learned, that recently the call for China to start a revolution, which seems to be from “boxun.com”, is a Falun Gong front group as i suspected. [see Chinese Revolution like Egypt?]

Here's the post.

Posted: Mon 21 Feb 2011, 17:26, by benpenguin

First post here, hi guys!

I know Falun Gong is almost a dead topic, but I can assure you they are still around, just under various alias or disguises. To the trained eyes however, no matter what name they are under, one can spot them easily by reading the heavily loaded language, heavily critical to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with similar style to the CCP official propaganda in the 1960 era (Well the CCP is much smarter now)

A bit of background information about Falun Gong(FLG) front organizations — openly FLG or disguised:

Media Groups:


I couldn't list all their organizations, but you get the point — all the above organizations / media is nearly 100% founded by Falun Gong faithfuls. Everytime you make an argument against them on facebook, you are quickly swarmed by FLG loyals saying that you violate their freedom of speech / is brainwashed / simply needs to look at their book (I did)

Are they a cult? Well, because the CCP said they are, doesn't mean they aren't. To my definition, they are a cult. Where did I do my research? Reading their book, their own websites, and talking to their members.

Trust me, they are bloody scary.

Now lets take a look of some of their insider stuff:

These guys claim that they are not an organization. Well, they are certainly organized. Why did they get banned in the first place? They ORGANIZED 10000 practitioners to surround Chong Nan Hai, China's power enclave (or Russia's Kremlin in that respect) How did they do that without the Chinese police even noticing? They organized the event on the internet, which is under heavy monitor from the CCP. THE CCP DIDN'T SEE THEM COMING UNTIL THE DAY! Well, that can only mean they infiltrated the CCP beforehand.

They did threw a lot of accusations of CCP organ harvesting and prosecution. Prosecution needs no explanation — I will do that if were I in CCP's place — but organ harvesting? They did provided some circumstantial evidence, but nothing solid. An independent human rights group investigated their claims and found no evidence as well.

And being mistreated still doesn't count as an argument that they are not a cult anyway!

Cult or new spiritual movement? YOU decide.

So, here's other URL i know that's from falun gong.

Falun Gong