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University of Central Florida, Hijab Incident, 2018-02-01

Here's a report from the university's news:

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[STUDENT CALLS CAMPAIGN TO EXPEL HER FOR CRITICIZING UCF MUSLIM GROUP'S “TRY A HIJAB” EVENT “THE DEFINITION OF FASCISM” By Kyle Swenson. At http://knightnews.com/2018/02/student-calls-campaign-to-expel-her-for-criticizing-ucf-muslim-groups-try-a-hijab-event-the-definition-of-fascism/ ]

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source https://twitter.com/anotherarabb/status/959198051926757376

Kathy's video explaining the situation https://twitter.com/PoliticalKathy/status/959237457962242048

Kathy's photos https://twitter.com/PoliticalKathy/status/959114087421661191

the tweet that tries to get people to get kathy expelled https://twitter.com/anotherarabb/status/959198051926757376