zoomer coom

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Masterbated for 2 hours. Regular routine. Haven't been posting about that here much. Cuz it's gonna be ohhh ahhh silliness. But porn is amazing. In particular, the millions of camgirls. Most beautiful younglings. Amazing.

This is unprecedented in human history. The cam girls. That is. Girls getting food by their body, is ancient since monkey men. But, girls masturbating themselfs, sans getting fucked, is new, unprecedented. Because, tech. More specifically, internet, camera, livestream tech. So, u have this millions of young girls spreading their legs, that in general is never done or never seen before, makes a living, yet, without wear and tear and hardship of being a prostitute.

Another amazing thing, is that, u find that girls, of all girls in the world, about every corner, country, race, r doing this. That, also shows, some aspect of the nature of girls.