Xah Lee Poverty 2018

By Xah Lee. Date: .

in winter hands too cold, can't code

when i woke 4pm today, found that PGE shut my electricity. I don't have phone, any phone. No car. So, immediately a major problem. And no money in bank. Need few days to transfer. The heater during winter shot the bill from $30 to $100/month. fucking roommate.

i live in extreme poverty. During winter, there is no heater. But due to roomate, i got a heater for them. These roomates are illiterate, more or less. In winter after midnight, hands too cold u can't code. boil water in pot as makedo.

my condition, is due to myself. i hvnt been working in a dayjob. But, fuck the leftists n programers in general, open source fanatics. They, their life is too comfy. No idea what's going on in working class. They just want virtual signal, sooth their guilt, and the poor suffers.