Evergreen State College Racism Controversy

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here's the Evergreen State College Racism Controversy in detail.

Student takeover of Evergreen State College
Evergreen State College Controversy (HBO)

the guy Bret Weinstein is interviewed on the The Rubin Report

Evergreen State College Racism Controversy, Bret Weinstein interviewed on the The Rubin Report

if you have no idea about this incident, watch for 10 secs start at 25m35s

Here, you see the leftist students threat white professors, that if you go home, they cannot guaranteed your family's safety.

Naima Lowe bullies and extorts white professors outside library, May 23, 2017, at Evergreen State College.

see starting at 4:26

“Lawmaker To Remove $26 Million Dollars From Evergreen College After Racist Students Takeover Campus”
Joe Rogan Experience #970 - Bret Weinstein


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Students with Baseball Bats

evergreen state college students 2017 06 10
evergreen state college students ~2017-06-05, ready to do violence.

See videos of these gang at 1:40

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Here's a PBS report, almost 1 year after the incident.

Evergreen copes with fallout, months after 'Day of Absence' sparked national debate