Lets Forgive Our Dead Enemies: the Pardoning of Alan Turing

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

the scums of human animals are making rounds about Alan Turing. if you don't know, Alan is a great computer scientist (from which we have the term Turing Machine and Turing completeness). However, he was gay. So, people jailed him, chemically castrated him, etc, and Alan ends up killed himself (or so).

now, some 50 yrs or so, now they are doing a Pardon. and everyone is cheering.

y'see, we need to look at things from the power play perspective.

What does Alan get with the Pardon? lol.

What the Pardoner get by Pardon him? Wow! Great humanity, what a government, the one with mercy, understanding, and forgiveness.

the gist of this is that, human animals, love to love the dead ones. Such as that Nelson incident recently. When a man's dead, he's dead. If you want to be nice, be nice when your enemy's alive.

and, what things people are put to jail today that, perhaps, 50 yrs later the government are gonna pardon? Pardon my ass.

O, btw, this is not a attack on the government, the all powerful, that we all can agree to hate. Rather, it is you, who made it happen. You, the average people, whatever is your views and hatred (hint: such as whatever American are calling evil. Say, pedophile, misogynist, homophobians, racists, terrorists.)

Power Perspective.